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United Awakening Strategy for Peace

A Comment from Noam Chomsky

We had the honor to get a comment from Noam Chomsky on our work with the united awakening. I was amazed to find that he took the time to read the whole text with interest and made such a kind comment.


"I read it with interest, and considerable sympathy for the objectives outlined. I will be looking forward with interest to the development of your efforts."

- Noam Chomsky


You can read the full text here and share it with friends!

Truth Revolution the Movie - Release Party

This morning we woke up on the beach on La Palma, one of the canary islands. We are continuing our tour of Europe, visiting communities and alternative people with the hope to find a solid base to start our Peace Center.

We have just released our final version of our video with the new name "Truth Revolution". This version is much better and I have re-edited the whole video and made it more family friendly.

We have also begun our next video project that will be more like a documentary film.

We have so much to give

But we can only make our projects into reality if people like you start suporting our work by giving donations. You can give to us by bank transfer or with paypal. Visit to make a contribution.

Another way to help us is by giving us work. Peaceful Media Studio is the production team behind The United Awakening and all money that goes into our company will find its way into projects for peace.

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We do video, web and print


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