To see problems in the world is not difficult, but to solve the problems you need to understand what the cause is. Many people speak about human nature and the survival of the strongest. This is true in a way, but how does this relate to our current situation?

If we look in nature we can find many examples of how the stronger animals survive and reproduce. In many cases they also create hierarchy's, or pecking orders. but in nature the leaders seem to take on a responsibility for the group they are in charge of, as their survival is based on the success of the whole group.

But as our society's are getting globalized and centralized the leaders are not in contact with the people that they are representing and are instead creating closed societies together with other leaders. The leader does not care for their people anymore, and this problem has been creating difficulties for humans from the time that we stopped organizing in small tribes and started to create nations. In a small tribe it is easy to understand what could happen if the leader would abuse the power in own interests. Soon everyone would know and there would be nowhere to go.


In our society it is no longer our physical strength or our ability to provide for the group that decide if we are going on top. It is instead our ability to use our intelligence to get into positions of power that is the key, and sadly the easiest way to do that is to lye and manipulate the people around us. Today we can see a world wide pyramid of power and to climb up the ladder of power you need to follow a strict set of rules. We call this the ruling mentality and it is a set of behaviors that both let us manipulate the people below us and at the same time offer our service to the ones above.

The only way to resolve our problems is to make people aware of how it works. If everyone understands the trick it would loos its power. Then we could find ways to prevent this ruling behaviors and find other solutions that makes us stronger.

Take a look at our video "The Ruling Mentality" to understand the behaviors that controls us.