To understand the solution we must take a look at the worst problems, and then I mean the real problems. Society is tying to shift the blame from some real problems to less important problems. This is done to protect the interests that make money creating problems, and these interests are in the end in control of our modern democracy's.

Poor Resource Management

This is the absolute most important problem we face. Our natural resources are being distributed unevenly, depleted, polluted and wasted. Many people promote the idea that we are Over Populated and focuses on population control to handle the lack or resources. This is not the solution. The earth can support many more people, what we need is to use our resources in a sustainable way. 

The Pollution of our Air and Water

Septic systems, hazardous waste sites, landfills, road salts, fertilizers, and pesticides are all contributing to the pollution of our waters. Mining for gold and other metals and the processing of them causes great problems with toxic chemical waste. Every year thousands of tons of toxic chemicals are produced and sold. Only a small fraction of these are recycled and the rest will sooner or later find its way our into our air and water.

The Destruction of our Soils and Waterways

Monoculture industrial farming is not only contributing to chemical waste it is also destroying our soils and the natural eco systems of animals, bacteria and water. In the end there will be only deserts left after the industry has taken out every last life of the soils. Many people are talking about Climate Change as if it was a known fact that carbon dioxide would be to blame for our problems. This is not the problem and will only take away the focus from our agricultural industry.

Look at our video Environment and Resource Management to get a clear picture.