May 13, 2024

The Teachings

We have created several courses to share our uniqe methods and practices. In all courses, we will work together in online groups where Mikael Ananda will personally guide and support all participants on their path to self-discovery. There will also be self-study material, assignments and group practices.

The Awakened Warrior

The Awakened Warrior is a four-week introductory online course where we will study the main practices of the Lotus Teachings. Using the book – The Awakened Warrior – as study material we will go deeper into the different areas of knowledge and explore how we can apply them in our own lifes.

* Meditation
* Chi Gong
* Tantra
* Empathic Communication
* Shamanic Ceremonies

The course includes study material, several hours of video presentation and video instructions for the different practices.

The course starts in September 2024. There will be different times and dates possible. Each week we will have both a one-hour teaching session as well as a practice session. The course is price at €48 . Aditional donation will be apreachiated.

Navigating The Matrix

In this course, we will explore the integration of material awakening into our lives. Many individuals who become aware of the grand conspiracy and its shadows often experience feelings of anger, sadness, and depression. However, with the right perspective and tools, we can gain a deeper understanding of how the world operates and transform these negative emotions into sources of strength.

Additionally, we will delve into strategies for navigating information overload and discerning truth from falsehood. The world presents us with a labyrinth of traps and false prophets, requiring us to maintain focus to preserve our mental clarity.

Furthermore, we will examine how to emerge as leaders who empower others to help themselves. This will involve utilizing various organizational tools such as circles and fractal organizations.

The course will consist of six online meetings as well as video recordings and other material.

The course starts in October 2024. There will be different times and dates possible. Price €88 + donations.

Speaking with an Open Heart

In the course Speaking with an Open Hearth we will go into depth on how we can use our language to reach other people and share our truth. Communicating with empathy is a key knowledge for all parts of life. Most people are not aware of how they use their language and this constantly creates problems and arguments. When you master your communication you will be able to be fully relaxed and centred even in the midst of difficulties.

The course will involve six online meetings as well as several practice groups. It also includes the e-book – Listening With Compassion – and – Speaking with an Open Heart.

The course starts in November 2024. There will be different times and dates possible.

Price €148 + donations.

The Shamanic Journey

Together we will go deep into different ways of creating ceremonial spaces. The new tradition that we teach is not rooted in any specific tradition. Instead, it is a universal and natural path in how we can discover our intuitive Shaman. We will look at how to stay true in our practice and be sure to create a safe space for self-healing and transformation.

We will look at how to create protection, clean spaces, open ceremonies, create healing spaces and work with intentions. we will get a deeper understanding of the three worlds and how reality is created.

We will explore how to work with plant medicines like Rapé, Kambo, San Pedro and Amanita Muscaria. This course will give you a greater understanding on how to work with ceremonial spaces to create healing in ourselves and in the world.

The course will involve six online meetings as well as several practice groups.

To do this course you need to first do the previous courses. The course will start is not set

Price €148 + donations.