Environment and Resource Management

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We face seriou problems with uneven distribution, pollution and waste of our resources.

Uneven Distribution

Today we can see that a few percent of the population have claimed ownership of the majority of the land, resources and wealth of the earth. Meanwhile most of the people have to spend the majority of their lifetime working hard to be able to get a share of the resources and to eventually own their own house. In a similar but more extreme way the resources of the third world countries are being taken away from their people and are shipped away to the rich countries leaving many millions of people in poverty, without the basic necessities for survival. The great injustice and suffering this causes for us all is clear for everyone to see.


Forests are being cut down all over the earth in a fast rate leaving the ground bare, dry and unprotected which causes the springs and rivers to dry out. Monoculture farming and forest plantations depletes the soils and modern agriculture poisons the earth with herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This is causing the earth's resources to diminish and makes it harder and harder for the earth to regenerate. This is clearly a great threat to us because we depend on fresh water and fertile soils for our survival and they are becoming scarce resources.


Every day our environment is being polluted with huge amounts of industrial waste that is full of toxins and this enters our eco-system and causes great distress for humans, animals and plant life. We also see other disturbing threats like nuclear power, genetically manipulated crops, seed sterilization, radiation from mobile devices, and pollution from airplanes, all that have a negative effect on life of unknown proportion.


And maybe the saddest thing of all is that our resources are in the end being wasted. They are turned in to products that are not created to last and often break quickly after they reach the consumer. On top of this our culture encourages us to buy new things and replace the old ones, even if they still work. This creates another problem of enormous amounts of trash building up and releasing toxins into our environment. Our beautiful green planet is being exploited and slowly turned in to wasteland while our precious resources are being turned in to mountains of garbage.

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