The United Awakening


ONE PEOPLE, ONE PLAN. We are uniting the people of the world by co-creating a common international plan and a political manifest. The plan will guide us on how to organize and implement political manifestations every other month in all major cities around the world to promote and protect freedom.


We will organize international gatherings every summer. The gatherings will be held in several different locations as well as online. The meetings will use a decentralized fractal method that results in a one-year plan for international political events as well as a political manifest.


With every gathering, we will also form a leadership structure that will be given the responsibility to help develop and implement the one-year plan. This will safeguard the integrity, quality and efficiency of the project. The leadership group will hold meetings every other month to make updates to the plan to reflect the world situation.


On the first Saturday of every other month, political groups that agree with the Unite Awake manifest will come together to create a local event. The messages, invitation, and format of each event will be advertised by the leadership structure. The goal is to have events in every major city to create a positive impact on people and spread awareness.


A manifest is created at the summer gathering and will answer four questions. What are the main problems that we observe? What are the most probable causes for each problem? What is the ideal solution to each problem? What event can we create to promote and implement our vision? We will only focus on the most important issues and restrain to comment on any other topic as we create our common events.


To be a part of the gathering and involved in organizing events everyone needs to agree to a code of conduct. To never promote racism, hate, violence, destruction or stealing of property, fraud, or false information. To have respect and protect life, to respect and protect property, and to act with honor and respect towards humans, animals, and nature. To respect the manifest and follow the guidelines and plans as given by the leadership structure.

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