The United Awakening

Strategic Overview

A Strategic Overview is a map of the current situation that will help you to create a common strategy and plan for how you can act together. You can begin to make a strategic overview by yourself and then share it with others. As more people formulate their vision you can merge your overviews to create a common vision together.


The first objective is to create a clear vision of what you would like in an ideal society. What are your dreams? Having a clear vision will be the source of inspiration that will bring people together and co-create a better future. The vision has several horizons or timeframes. You can have a vision for the far future, the coming years as well as the immediate future.

Part of your vision is also the values that you encourage in your group. What are the values that you want to bring out in your group as well as in all humans?

A code of conduct is then written down to create a guideline on how to act when you are working together. This will include how to confront other people like the police, people of different opinions as well as what kind of messages that you want your group to share.

Symptoms of the Problems

The next step is to define the problems as clear and objective as possible. What are the observations that you can make in your surrounding? This needs to be kept as factual as possible and not include your own beliefs and thoughts, but rather facts that everyone can observe. Examples of factual problems are depletion of resources, starvation, wars, and so on.

The Root Causes of the problems

We continue to describe what we believe to be the root cause of the problems. Here we share our own ideas, theories, and beliefs. We will see that there are many different ideas on what the causes are, but we can still co-operate even if we have different beliefs as long as we can see that our vision is the same. Examples of causes can be human greed, a corrupt economical system, and lack of education.

Plan of Action

When we have considered the problem, causes, and our vision we can start making a plan for what steps that we need to take to get closer to our goals. This will be things that you can do right now, by yourself as well as in your group and network.

What can you do to reach your vision in your own life? How can you support your local group to reach your goals together? How can your network operate in your local community and what can you do on a global level to reach your final vision?

Examples of plans can be to create sharing circles, to inform people about your cause, to make manifestations to affect local policy, and to join together with other groups to reform politics.

The United Awakening Strategic Overview

We have compiled a strategic overview together with many people and projects. Here you can read about our strategies and plans of how we can create a better world together.

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