The United Awakening

United Awakening Strategy | Plan

This is our seed plan. As the united awakening fractal is spreading the strategic plan will evolve and mature. This is a blueprint for how we can co-create a love revolution.

Strategic Overview

The first thing to do is to create a strategic overview. The overview consists of four parts. First, make a list of the most important problems. Second an analysis of the root causes of these problems. Third, a vision for how this could be done better in the future, and last a strategy of how to reach that goal. The plan should include what you can do in your circle, your community and on a global scale.

The strategic overview can be created like a mind map or written down as a document. Make sure to only write down the most important issues of all. Use the overview to focus your efforts and keep your direction. The layout is almost the same as this presentation and it can be used as a template for your own work.

Dynamic Fractal Organization

Our system of organization is designed to create a structure that is difficult to infiltrate and manipulate and at the same time efficient and focused. Where everyone has the possibility to get their voice heard and to contribute to the outcome.

Create a Circle

Introduce your friends to the united awakening peace strategy and invite them to be part of a circle which is a group of no more than six people. When you have reached six members continue to invite new people but prepare to split the group into two circles. In this way, the groups can multiply and spread in new directions.

Each group will act autonomously and have a shared leadership where all decisions will be made with consensus. Everyone will have the possibility to express their point of view in confidence and have the time to listen and give support to each other.

To have small groups protects us from negative group behavior where the ruling mentality easily takes over and leaves the group with inefficient meetings, conflicts and power struggles. The independent circles are the core of our movement where we can develop friendship, support each other and carry out projects together.

Create a Common Strategy

When you hold a circle make sure to respect everyone’s word and time. This means to let everyone speak to the point without interruption and that everyone gets an equal amount of time to speak.

Begin by sitting down in a circle and share information from your strategy. When everyone has spoken, you compile a new strategic overview together.
Before the meeting is over the circle will agree on one of you to be chosen as a trustee. The trustee will represent the group as a whole when needed and should be someone that you trust. A new trustee can be chosen when needed.

Create a Fractal

To cooperate in between groups you can create a fractal. Begin by gathering trustees from different groups and create a new circle with no more than six people where you share your strategic overview with each other. This information will then once again be compiled into a new grand strategic overview. End by choosing a new trustee for this group. This newly formed group can connect 36 people and we refer to this as a circle of the second degree.

If you want to connect even more people the same procedure can continue by creating a circle of the 3:d degree which can connect a maximum of 36*6 people. This can continue until everyone is a part of the positive structure. The circle of the highest degree is called the center circle and consists of some of the most trusted and respected people from all groups and the strategies that they present can contain the best ideas from everyone. Read more about fractal circles on

Positive Visibility

One of our objectives is to make our message and movement visible. The amount of aware people in the world is growing steadily, and if we can demonstrate our numbers for everyone to see, that would give motivation for many more to step forward and join our cause.

We aim to regularly gather aware people in public places such as town squares and parks as well as organize parties and events. We will meet in a spirit of unity and positivity and our main goals are to have a good time and to organize ourselves. Together with our friends and allies we will celebrate life, create new bonds of friendship and condense our combined intelligence into blueprints for positive action.

We want to make ourselves seen as much as possible by showing our message to everyone. Put up flags and signs and wear pins and t-shirts with short positive messages such as Peace, Sovereignty, Unity, Awakening, Love, Truth, Freedom and Positivity. It´s good to hand out short printouts from your strategic overview and to share material about the united awakening strategy.

This is a movement for everyone, all our minor differences like age, sex, race and background are not important. We are looking forward to seeing diverse gatherings where we all come together to voice our shared desire for peace, unity and freedom. We act over borders and include all different groups that are acting with respect and peace.

Gatherings and Celebrations

We will organize gatherings where we can create a fractal circle in an open space.

Find a good place like a park, set a date and invite people to come. Sit down in circles of six people each to create a fractal circle and a common strategic overview. Share ideas about the current situation and what we can do to create positive change.

Everyone will get about five minutes each to speak in their group. You can set a timer and start the circles with a signal. Continue in the same way until all six in every group have spoken. Then take some time for each circle to select a trustee and compile the common strategic overview.

When the first round of circles are done ask all chosen trustees to come back again for the next round. Everyone are welcome to sit in and listen to the talks. Continue having new rounds of circles until there is only one circle left. This is the center circle where the people speaking will have the opportunity to be heard by everyone and make recommendations for group action.

After the talking has ended you can invite everyone to the next gathering and ask them to bring their friends along. Then you can continue enjoying the gathering and networking with the people. A gathering can be of any size. You can start with only your own circle and over time the number of circles will increase until thousands of people will come together and unite.

Positive Code of Conduct

To have a common code of conduct will create a great support for us all to bring out our best qualities as well as protect our movement from psychological attacks. To follow a code makes it easier to stay firmly on our path and to do it together with friends will create a tight bond that will strengthen us all. Every time we bring the codes to mind they will become more integrated in us until they become second nature. You can create your own codes in your own circle and add it to your strategic overview. Here I present the codes that we in the seed circle share and promote for the united awakening.

The code of Sovereignty

You are sovereign, your highest authority and the leader of your own life. You are important and your life is precious. No one else can tell you what is right or wrong. No one else can decide what you should do. You must take full responsibility for every aspect of your life in order to be free. It doesn´t matter what anyone else says, you know this to be true, and you will act accordingly.

Acknowledging your sovereignty gives strength, self-respect, and confidence. Faced with difficult situations, harsh words and temptations you can stand your ground and remain calm. From this powerful state, you can take your time to gain clarity and then decide how you want to respond.

We need to stand up against negative behaviors in our society as well as in ourselves. Many people tend to look at their own negative behaviors as part of their identity and they try to protect them, but when we understand that many of these traits come from social conditioning with the intention to manipulate us we can and will break them.

We will make sovereignty a golden rule by standing up for what we believe in and expressing our freedom.

The code of Unity

To achieve peace we need to put our differences aside and unite in a common cause. We must act with honor by treating each other with kindness and acceptance even when we do not share the same world view. To create peace in the world we must start by creating peace within our groups.

The key to solving a conflict is to stop focusing on getting your point of view through and instead open up to understand the other one´s perspective. To do so you must be able to notice your own reaction patterns and calm down. Then you can start listening and asking questions to get a clear understanding. Listen with interest and you will find the positive intention behind the words and actions. All humans make mistakes and we all have aspects of our personality that need improvement. What we need to do is accept each other in our imperfection and support each other to develop our best qualities. When someone feels understood and accepted it creates a relaxed state from where it is possible to see a common solution.

Conflict is one of the main tools to drain our energy and keep us divided. This is why we must dedicate our selves to create peace within our movement. We will avoid conflicts at all costs by treating everyone with respect. We will include everyone and stand against no one.

Together we will make peace conduct a golden rule and this will pave the road for cooperation and success.

The code of Positivity

We strive to have a positive mindset as a way of life. When you look at things in a positive way it instantly makes you feel better and gives you the courage to believe in yourself and follow your own path. Positivity creates good vibrations that radiate out to everyone around us, and it helps us create good outcomes and achieve our goals. Happiness is what we all want, and a positive attitude is a way to get there.

To look at the problems is important, but we must make sure not to get caught in negativity and fear. Notice when you have negative thoughts and then let go of them by focusing on finding a positive approach towards the situation. When you interact with others, talk about your own feelings and needs without using any judgments, without blaming anyone and without using harsh words. Instead of saying what you don’t like, say what you do like. Instead of saying what you don’t have, say what you want. Instead of focusing on the problems, focus on the solutions.

Together we will make positivity a golden rule so that we can make the best of each moment as we work towards peace.


By living simple lives we become more self-sufficient and autonomous. We can change our life situation for the better with little effort. Everything that you consume, food, things and entertainment has a direct effect on you, our society and the planet.

The ultimate freedom is not to be able to consume without limit but to be able to live your life the way you choose to and follow your dreams. The common desire for riches and luxury is something we have learned through social conditioning with the intention to make us eager consumers. Deep down we all know that life has a much greater purpose and this is what we need to look for.

If you buy only what you need, and make an effort to spend your money wisely you can have good health, free time and you will minimize your support of this destructive system. Keeping a simple and healthy lifestyle can be great satisfaction in itself and gives us the perfect opportunity to lay off negative habits.

Global Change

In this last part, we will take a look at what we believe to be some of the most important reformations that we want to see in our societies.

Banking Reform

Private banks have a great power that is being used for personal gain. To resolve this problem all debt that is created as credit without value backing it is to be considered fraudulent. No interest should be paid on fraudulent debts and all interest already paid on these debts must be returned. We must put a stop to the bailouts of these banks and their assets should be used to cover their depths to the people.

The power to issue and circulate money must be limited to banks that we trust and that are serving us without self-interest. This money will then be used to fund holistic projects that will benefit society. Ultimately the power to issue money must be decentralized to your local community bank that is governed by a fractal structure.

Positive Democracy

Our current democracy is not functioning and needs to be reformed so that it is representing the people through the use of positive structures. To achieve this we need to change the voting procedure so that it resembles the fractal circles where we only vote on a small number of people in our local community that we know and trust.

We need to base our society on personal sovereignty and keep the power to choose our way of life in our homes and communities. To do this we first have to regain national sovereignty and then continue to decentralize power until it is back in our own hands.

Shared Natural Resources

Today’s ownership structure is based on thousands of years of stealing and plundering and must be considered unlawful. Our natural resources belong to everyone and the ownership and surplus must be shared equally. We must also reserve large areas for wildlife so that animals can live in their natural habitat. Everyone will have the right to their own private piece of land and until all land has been transferred back to the people we propose that to claim unused and ill-treated land is made fully legal and encouraged.

Open Source Technology

All copyrighted material has to be given to the people free to replicate and use after a minimal period of exclusive rights. In this way we could create standardized technology that is low cost, efficient and easy to make and repair. This would also open up for revolutionizing technology that has been suppressed to be made public and used for the benefit of everyone. To do this would instantly make way for optimization of resource usage and make a new industrial revolution possible.