The United Awakening

Community Solutions

We present solutions to communities to support their cooperation and economical situation. We are working towards offering a set of simple and powerful online tools for decision-making, knowledge sharing, digital currencies and local marketplaces.

The first challenge: How to co-operate effectively?

Our main project is the implementation of dynamic fractal organizations into an online platform. This is a tool that can make decision-making in large groups easier as well as to help structure information and realize projects. It is a decentralized system without fixed leaders and is the core of our project. This method allowed us to cooperate much easier and synchronize our efforts while assuring that everyone is heard and involved in the process.

The second challenge: How to create financial stability?

Local economies can increase trade and give more productivity to the area. By connecting the dynamic fractal organization platform to a cryptocurrency and a marketplace we can support the community in multiple ways. The digital currency is backed by the product offered in the marketplace. Coins are issued in a fair way and is used for community projects and involvement in the decision-making. In this way, we can finance the startup of community driven corporations that can bring money into the local economy.

Third challenge: How to create a better world?

The local communities will be able to cooperate with each other creating a larger fractal network. Together we can find a common strategy and a plan for how to work toward a new society that is sustainable and at the same time honors our personal freedom. Our efforts can be a model for how we can create new societies..