The United Awakening

The Diary of the Orange Flower Revolution Tour

I am out on a mission. I do not know why I have this calling, nor do I know what to expect. I just know that this is my path.

I arrived at the airport in Gothenburg, Sweden last Sunday having departed from my home in Shambala, Portugal the day before. I just spent the night at the airport in Manchester where I had to change flights. I overheard a young Swedish girl talking on the phone. I introduced myself and asked her – How many people in your group of friends believe in the coronavirus? Not many she answered promptly and started to explain how the whole lockdown was a big lie to control people. This confirms what I already know. The truth is out there, and it is time to act.

My old friend Simon picked me up outside the airport and drove me to his houseboat. Blessings to him for his kindness. Already the next evening I had my first lecture booked on my tour. About 40 people were gathered in a restaurant to listen to my talk about how to organize the flower revolution. It was a great crowd, and I was received with much love and kindness. I was offered many contributions towards my mission that instantly gave me confidence that the timing was right. I decided just as I left Portugal that I was to make this tour, without planning and without money. As a leap of faith, guided by my intuition.

After spending a week playing with my children, I returned again to Gothenburg and found myself invited to a fellow lightworker named Hans and his friends for dinner over an interesting discussion about the history of banking, something that I feel to be the most important topic of all. The very next morning I was picked up by another new friend that drove me one hour south to Falkenberg to attend a Wake-up Friends meeting. The atmosphere in the small café where we met was out of this world and I was touched by the beauty of the people that were sharing their truths, hearts, and songs. I had the chance to share my story and got an invitation to return and make a full lecture.

Just as we returned back from the meeting I went straight to my next lecture that had planed just the day before. This time we were a smaller group and the topic was how to host and organize fractal meetings. It was nice to have the time to listen to the personal stories of the people who came. Something that reminds me of the importance of working in small intimate groups for the development of true friendship and trust. I look forward to meeting again with the lightworkers that gathered there and inspire each other with the tales of our battles.

I am blessed with the hospitality of all brothers and sisters who without knowing me before open their homes, share food, and their friendship with me. I already have received more than 150 euros towards my mission, and I will honor all the people who are supporting me by using every cent to fulfill my promise to visit everyone who wants my help to organize the flower revolution.

I will attend two more lectures in the next couple of days, this time to observe, meet the lovely people of Gothenburg and make new connections. Then I will head south towards Malmö and continue my tour, having already four more lectures booked and organized, not my be, but by beautiful souls that have freely offered their help. This is why I know that we are going to win this war. The power of free spirits, united in peace, can not be stoped.

Love and Light
Mikael Ananda

The Flower Revolution Tour Continues