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The Flower Revolution Tour Continues

Part 2 of the Fractal Flower Revolution Diary.

So much has been happening in the last weeks. I am sitting on the bus on the way back to Gothenburg from the south of Sweden. I will arrive just in time for the 4 o’clock fractal meeting, my last stop for now. Ten meetings in 10 days, and many more personal meetings in-between.

Last weekend I visited a lecture about Babylonian mystery cults and had the good fortune to have a long talk to the speaker. He told me that his own awakening was accelerated because of my activist work back in the days. He was a spiritual man and gave me his blessings and prayers, something that I was happy to receive. The next day I organized the first fractal meeting in Gothenburg and we laid the ground for regular meetings.

The next morning I took the train to Malmö. I was blessed with help from a kind woman who was booking meetings around the whole south of Sweden and connecting me with the local people. I was received by a warm man who was hosting my first meetings in Gothenburg. I had in mind from the beginning that this would be a test of my faith, to throw myself out in the unknown, trusting the universe and see what was going to happen. I was surprised to see that everything just materialized before my eyes, much faster than I expected.

We had a lecture in the evening with about 20 people and the day after we had a full day filled with talks, energy exercises, and that ended with the first fractal meeting of Malmö. So many beautiful people came to the meeting and we even received gifts with boxes filled with food, offered by another beautiful soul. Observe that I did not know any of these people before this happened. I still have not fully integrated how well everything went, and all the connections that I made.

A new day a new meeting. This time I went to a small town where we had a meeting in the home of a friend in our networks. This time only three people came. I was not really putting much effort into promoting the events and was hoping for the universe to do it for me. It was interesting to see what that would bring out, and again everything turned out just perfect. I had a very good and deep conversation with more beautiful souls and found that the people I meet had a great interest and willingness to help out and learn more. I realize that to reach many people is not what is important. This is about finding the right people who want to act.

The next day my schedule changed and instead of having another meeting I went to one of the people I had met three days before and was invited to him and to do a podcast with him. Again perfect. I already felt that I had to meet him again when I saw him on the first day. This guy has the fullest and richest laughter I have encountered. Just to be in his presence was helping me to step into the joy of life. We are not doing this out of fear, but rather for the beauty of it.

Then my journey continued to Trelleborg where I was invited for a full-day social event where a group of awake friends was meeting at the house of a friend and activist who had a celebration with around 25 people. I was honored to be invited to share a short presentation with the group and found more people who wanted to support this new movement. Later the same day I was invited to a private birthday party back in Malmö. Just as we were getting near I realized that I had forgotten about a friend that had reached out to me to offer a place to stay in Malmö. I told my friend about it. One of them looked me in the eyes and said with a sincere voice – It is the same man who was celebrating his birthday tonight.

That was a party to remember. The people! The people were great. We did healing, dancing, and talked about the revolution. The power was in the air and it was great. New people but everyone understood the situation. After hours of joy, I jumped into a car with another of my new angelic friends and went towards the next stop on my tour. She had offered me to stay in her house over the night. This woman was special and she naturally took on the role to support me and the revolution.

Last day in the south. Another full day of meeting. We were out in the countryside in a large beautiful house. More great people, good food, and after many hours of talking and sharing we ended the evening with a drum ceremony. The intention was to realize and manifest the flower revolution and that all beings may be healthy, happy and find the way to liberation.

By the time I am writing the end of this story the last meeting is already over. The fractal seeds has been planted. New fractal meetings are already planned both for Gothenburg and Malmö. But my mission is over for now. I will water and nurture the new seed circles and watch them grow. All we need to do is to believe that we can create our dream together. It will happen if we believe it, and I would not be surprised if the fractal structure will play a central role in this awakening.

Now I will have a break, meeting my children and taking time to meditate. In two weeks I have my next lecture in Örebro, Linköping and Jönköping. Then I will go more north to Stockholm, Järna and Dalarna. Finally I will end the tour with another visit to the south for a second wave of the fractal flower revolution.

Many thanks to everyone that I met and a special thanks to all the angels that I had the pleasure to meet and that will play central roles in the next step of the revolution. Blessings to you all.

Love and Light
Mikael Ananda Cromsjö

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