The United Awakening

The Fractal Democracy and The Greater Reset

The world is moving at a fast rate towards a new system of governance. It is called for due to environmental problems, economic instability and resource shortage. It has been on the move for many years but is now quickly working its way into our legal systems due to the global pandemic.

The most visible actors are the UN with Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum with the Great Reset. Both are publicly displaying how we can create a new social order to solve many of the current problems that we face. The solution is a state with more control and with the authority to dictate how people should behave.

The Democratic laws have for generations protected the western countries from misuse of state powers by assuring basic democratic rights like the right to assemble, travel, and to speak freely.  This is now changing. By declaring a state of emergency around the world, new laws can be passed that limit our freedoms. This enables the  possibility of controlling people on an individual level.

Many of the ideas presented in the Great Reset as well as in  Agenda 2030 are actually in many cases quite good. The biggest problem that I see is that it will be made mandatory to comply with the rules and regulations to such a degree that you will have to take vaccines or other measurements to be able to use society’s services. There is no way of assuring that this will not be misused further as the current method of democracy does not represent the people.

The solution is to create a state that has the trust of the people and is created by the people. This is where fractal organizations come in. Using the “dynamic fractal organization” methods we can quickly gather both reliable information as well as trustworthy people to make decisions. The principle of fractal organizations is to create a form of multi-level representative decentralized democracy. Read more about the method on

When we have a government that really represents the people we can start finding solutions to the environmental and economic problems and create the needed change. My firm belief is that such a government would automatically choose to limit the control the state has, for the benefit of individual freedom, and rather implement good education as a method of creating positive change. I believe that the direction of our current society to centralize power and control individuals reflects that the state represents the upper class.

The main control mechanism of our current system is the creation of credit. This power is held by a system of banks from the IMF, World Bank, and ECB to local commercial banks. The power of banks to control the development of our society is, to many people’s surprise, much greater than that of our states. This is why it is of great importance that our currencies are created and controlled by the people through the fractal democratic system.

New credit can then be issued to support regenerative projects that aim to solve the problems that we face and create employment. This can be done by lending money or by financing projects directly to create a type of “green new deal” that is supported by the people. The main focus can be reforestation, water management, food production and sustainable housing. The difference here with regards to the programs suggested by the UN and WEF is that it will be managed by the people using fractal democracy and will not have any hidden agenda..

We can start using fractal systems immediately on a local scale using these ideas. A fractal democratic system can with ease be started in any community by interested people coming together.  We will have to create a parallel system that can work side by side with the other systems and grow until the fractal system has the power to replace all the functions of the outdated systems. With popular support, this can happen fast.

The first part of creating a fractal is to create a circle. This will be a space where you can come together and share ideas and work on projects together. A circle is a place for sharing, support, education, and action. At the beginning of the social change that we see there is a possibility that political instability and food shortages will occur. One focus of a circle can be to create a safety plan and make an inventory of resources. It will also act as a place for political action as public meetings can be prohibited or severely limited. The circles can then be interconnected using the organic growth method until there are a few circles in your area so that fractal systems can be implemented.

When a fractal is formed you can create a fractal democracy by having official meetings where you explore how the circles can act together to support the members and the community. You can then form a fractal bank by creating a new local currency that can stimulate local trade and fund projects. The fractal bank is controlled by the fractal democracy. Every individual attending official fractal meetings will be rewarded local coins for their contribution and this will stimulate people to become more active. At the meetings, you can give suggestions on projects that you would like to support.

The next step is to create a local trade register where everyone can offer their services on a local marketplace and accept the local coin as payment. Not everyone will have the time to join the circles. They can then support the project by offering their services to create value in the coin. This can translate to a situation in which if you attend a few meetings you can use the coins rewarded to get a haircut from someone else in the system. If a project is granted coins, the group then can sell the coins to other people in the system to be able to buy tools and materials or use the coins to buy goods and services within the system.

Members of each circle can also borrow coins from the local fractal. These coins can then be used as payment within the local circle and with other circles with whom it has an agreement and trust. In this way, a trust-based decentralized set of coins are created that can work together and have a strong resilience in relation to outer manipulation. Limits on how much credit can be created are set up by each fractal as needed.

Another important function of the fractal system is to gather trustworthy information. A new fractal media will be able to give its members updates on local and world events. As the system grows it can take on the responsibility to create transparency within the local government. It will be able to limit the state from misusing its powers and hold them accountable when they breach contracts.

The fractal system will serve the function of providing social safety, education, democracy, banking and media and it can expand and scale to any proportions.

The system works without specific software and can be used without technology to start with, or in case of a system breakdown. It will also be able to use online platforms for making it more scalable. At that point voting, banking and media can all be incorporated into decentralized blockchains. As the fractals are truly decentralized it does not have to have a full record of the transaction (ledger). The transactions can be stored locally within your subset of the fractal.

As the fractal democracy is gaining user base and as it spreads worldwide it will also gain political influence and can affect global politics. It will at a point be able to act as a separate society based on natural law, establishing new citizenship that will not infringe on your human and democratic rights. In this way,  you will get help to be relieved from taxation and other forms of unlawful measures that your state might attempt to enforce towards your person without your consent.

Voting in general elections can be done in a fractal way to chose the representatives that in the end will form the government. This can be done on a local level so that legislation and laws can be decentralized to local communities where possible.

In a larger scale fractal system, there is no need for taxes, as the system can give funding to community projects by creating new credits. There is also a good possibility to create a universal basic income that would secure food and shelter for the world’s population. This needs to be given without any requirement as a way for people to get their fair share of the natural resources that the world provides freely. This would solve the problem of starvation. We can also stop following unlawful regulations that restrict trade and commerce and create a truly free market. Only criminal acts will be addressed in our courts.

It would also be possible to create a wealth and income limit to solve the problem of excess accumulation of individuals and corporations. This could be a true “great reset” where we not only relieve people of their debt but also redistribute the world’s resources back to the people. This is of course one of the main threats that the current system sees in the development of a true democracy. To make the transition smooth the limit should be high enough that they can continue their upper-class lifestyle to some extent and that they will be able to distribute the excess wealth themselves by funding projects. This will also include redistribution of property and stock shares. This will take away the power of global corporations as their shares will be distributed and no-one will stand to gain from corporate profit. The control of wealth will only apply to people that have very high income and wealth. In this way, instead of regulating and controlling the people, all control will shift to make sure that the richest people do not have more than they should and to have more than you are allowed to should be a criminal offense. When it comes to crimes perpetrated in the old systems I suggest pardon for all people of the world to get the cooperation and inclusion of as many as possible.

Patents and copyright laws that limit the spread and use of technology can be taken away and lead the way to a genuine, new industrial revolution where all production can use the same technical solutions making repair, recycling and production less expensive.

Mikael Cromsjö
Göteborg, Sweden