The United Awakening

A New Hope


The world is changing and a global system to ensure control and order is emerging. Nation-states are of less importance as global organizations and corporations gain more influence. To many people the power is shifting away from the people and to the hands of corporate leaders, who are using their power to influence world politics. With the start of the corona outbreak, this development has accelerated even further. Today many people have come to the conclusion that the rule of law, the money system, and the democratic process has been corrupted to a degree that it is a real danger to us as humans and for life on earth in general. The globalist interests are driving production into centralized control. Mono-cultures and genetically modified biology and artificial intelligence are used to optimize results. When we look at the evidence from this global experiment we can clearly see the negative results with the destruction of the environment, lower long-term yields, and less stability of those systems. If this continues we see a future with fragile artificial environments where we separate further and further from the nature.

A New Hope

There is a lot of understanding of how we can live in balance with nature, and also increase efficiency and yields. There is a steady development of permaculture, eco-building, and many other fields of science, incorporating knowledge from many wisdom traditions that show us how we can apply it today on a large scale. The new paradigm is based on how nature works and where we try to mimic the natural processes. Nature is a decentralized network, where many different interactions create a robust system that can adapt and compensate for sudden changes in the environment. We also see many new projects emerging using the benefits from Internet and computers to connect people and create systems of communication that are decentralized and robust. This combined knowledge creates a platform from where we as human beings now have the tools needed to create a new society. It is the combination of the new technology with the old wisdom traditions that will create the solutions that we need.

Fractal Decision Making

A core component of a functioning society is to be able to take part of the decisions that effect our own life’s. In a fractal system, decisions are made on a local level in circles of 5-7 people. The results are then propagated to the larger network by representatives from each circle. The representatives join together forming new circles of 5-7 people. In this way, a hierarchical fractal is created that connects everyone. This method can be used to connect large groups and find common ideas and plans. It is a way to secure that only good people what we know and trust will get into important possitions.

Fractal Resource Circles

People with similar goals or projects can connect together in a circle of 5-7 people. In the circle, you create a resource inventory where you can share what knowledge you have. You can be part of many resource circles with different objectives. This can be to support each other’s work, to have readiness in case of emergency or any activity you have in common. If you have more than 7 people who want to be part of the same network, the network can split into two groups that can connect to each other by having one or two members in common.

Each circle can agree on a set of rules in common. New rules can be created by voting. Any member can leave the circle when needed, still accepting responsibility for all contracts already made.

Local Economy

Each circle can create its own currency to facilitate trade in-between each other. The local coin can be created as a rent-free loan from the circle based on a vote. All members in the circle will offer services to the circle, accepting the local coin as payment. Two circles can agree to have free trade in-between the circles and start accepting both coins as payment. Each circle in the network will have a shared responsibility to ensure that all members in their local circle are honoring their contracts and accept limited compensation for breach in contract.

To fund new projects and support infrastructure a fractal coin can be created as a rent-free loan from the fractal network of circles. Each member agrees to offer their services and accepts this coin as a valid payment. This coin can be used as payment for participating in fractal meetings to encourage participation.

The Way Forward

You can connect to the United Awakening project to help get this method out into the world.

Mikael Ananda Cromsjö