The United Awakening

International Assemblies

Creating International Assemblies, and International Common Law Courts.

Common Law Courts

A Common Law Court is established by men and women to judge matters of concern to them and their community. The matter that concerns us today are crimes against humanity, including but not limited to, genocide, personal harm, restrictions of movement and economical loss to the world population. This is caused mainly by forced lockdowns and medical experiments on the population.

The whole community of the world is concerned with this crimes and are obligated to act to defend the right of their fellow men and woman. To establish a Common Law Court, ruling on a global matter, the global community needs to be able to assemble. The community needs to be able to elect the Jury, Prosecutor, Adjudicator, Sheriff, and Peace Officers. It is also of great importance that after the Court proceedings, where the jury comes to a final verdict, every able citizen feels obligated to assist the Sheriff and Deputies in enforcing the sentence of the Court.

There are already international Courts like The International Court of Justice, which has its seat in The Hague, and is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. As the United Nations is one of the main defendants in this case, and as the local governments, electing that Court also is defendants, in this case, they can not be entrusted by the community to act on our behalf.

There are also several Common Law Courts created independently from the defendants, but as they are not elected by the community as a whole and nighter have the support of the community to enforce the verdict, they also can not act on the behalf of the community.

International Assemblies

To get the support of the community and the citizens of the global society we need to assemble on a global scale. The International Assemblies are a proposal on how International Common Law Courts and other citizen actions can be created on a global scale. To rule on a global scale we need to have a global community and a global society as a foundation. A society is an association of men and women united together for any mutual or common purpose. To be a citizen of the international society we need to have a common purpose, this purpose should be well defined and include but not limited to.

– To accept the Common Law Court according to the principles of Natural Justice and Due Process.
– To act at all times with integrity, honesty, and lawfulness.
– To claim sovereignty by not accepting any jurisdictions outside of the Common Law or where you implicitly agreed to.
– To assist in the enforcement of the verdicts of the International Common Law Court.

Dynamic Fractal Organizations

To assemble people from the whole world, we need a system for that purpose that can represent the whole of the society. The Dynamic Fractal Organization method serves that purpose. To create a dynamic fractal organization you divide the larger group into smaller groups of six people each. All groups discuss and vote on a common topic and choose one person whom they trust within their group to represent their findings to the larger community. The representatives are then again divided into small groups and the process continues until all circles are joined together.

My aim is to share the ideas of dynamic fractal organizations with the aim to establish an internationally accepted Common Law Court, from where we can create a new society where freedom and truth will prevail.

Mikael Cromsjö