The United Awakening

We are creating True Freedom in Sweden

These have been unusual years. Society is undergoing a huge metamorphosis and change is happening on all levels. At the same time as the outside world seems to be falling right into the dark. A reverse development is taking place in many people’s lives. For those who now dare to stand up for truth and instead of falling down, choose to go out into the world and search for true fellowship. We who are awake find each other and never before have I seen so many nice people come together and open up to the light.

I have traveled around Sweden and met many of the new communities that have emerged. In Skåne, regular demonstrations have been held for a long time, with information distribution, music and dance. I have not come across any other place in Sweden where they have been as many activities and meetings as around Malmö. In Gothenburg, we have distinguished ourselves by having the largest meetings in Sweden, where only the size of the premises has limited how many people come. We have also conducted torchlight processions, demonstrations and square meetings and distributed leaflets. In Dalarna, the awake community is growing rapidly and soon I believe that each province will have its own awake family.

Yes, we are creating a new family. The bond that we awake people create for each other is different from what many have ever encountered. Something that I myself am amazed at is how different people are in this new community. So many different life stories and backgrounds, but what we share is such an incredibly strong longing for something better. Not just for us, but for all the people in the world. Our groups are based on such strong tolerance and compassion that it bridges different ways of thinking and personal preferences. We are building a new family that is the seed for a new society.

I see Sweden as a unique place where we have the opportunity to develop a strategy for how to liberate ourselves and the world. Through a new organizational form and a new leadership, we see how we can create a new world that replaces the old and at the same time gives everyone the opportunity to participate. My calling has been to bind the family together and share the tools I work with. We call the model a fractal organization and the principle is simple. True democracy can only be achieved through the participation of all of us. It is through small local groups that we have to work. Everyone must be able to raise their voice and through the fractal method, all voices are bound together to create a masterpiece. We create a decentralized network without leaders that cannot be corrupted or infiltrated. The time of centralized movements is finally over and we can put it away for what actually works.

In Sweden, we have started the group True Freedom from where we coordinate the work of teaching fractal methods, facilitate the creation of local groups and hold meetings. Our work has just started and I am in full swing to organize local groups. Our plan is to create a plan. The fractal approach revolutionizes everything we have seen before with a recursive methodology that builds itself. It uses principles that have not been created by us, but which are cornerstones of how the universe itself is constructed. It’s about how we can meet as human beings in an organic and natural way in harmony.

For those who have studied the deep state and the psychological war that is ravaging our earth understand some simple principles. This war is about controlling people’s subconscious and thus forcing people to follow a path that they themselves do not really want to follow. Large-scale manipulation where fear and contradictions are created so that the people start fighting against each other instead of looking above us and see who is holding the strings.

An important part to understand is how we are bombarded with incorrect information. Not only from the mass media but perhaps especially through alternative media. False news and exaggerated conspiracy theories are trumpeted to create confusion. Many people buy into these and contribute themselves to sharing the madness, unaware of the negative consequences. Personally, I do not believe in anything I read and especially not sensational news. I do my research and always continue to be humble and understand that I do not know the answer. That way, my mind is always open and does not get caught up in propaganda. We must understand that we can not rely on any information and not on any leadership figures. This is our great challenge. If we look back in time, we can see that new subversive movements are always controlled via a controlled opposition. Leaders and organizations can look as good as they like, but suddenly the rhetoric turns and what would lead to a better society leads instead to a new control society.

The fractal organization is so important because it breaks down the core of the propaganda machine. By meeting in small local groups, propaganda does not work. The reason is that we are attacked based on group psychology. By creating group pressure and a fear of not being part of the group, a few can control the larger group’s thoughts and feelings. But when we meet in a small group, natural security quickly arises, and we enter into our truth and can stand in our power. We create family, security and strength.

Over the years, I have traveled around and lectured on fractal methods, created local action groups and built up a network of freedom fighters. I have also created several festivals and participated and supported several projects with truth and freedom in its center. If anyone, I have experienced that my family is growing, and it is growing fast. People are slowly but surely starting to offer their resources. We have so much in Sweden. Land, houses, farms, money and equipment. We do not see much of the resources we have. We have become so used to constantly searching for more that we do not really understand how much we actually have. Now it’s starting to change and people are starting to look for what they can help with. It is only a matter of time before we start collaborating and using what we have.

It is when we open up our resources and start utilizing them that we can begin to grow and expand. Our plan is to create a network, not only to spread information and knowledge but to create opportunities for growth and income. When we create an alternative to support ourselves without being tied to the old system, we have the tool to create liberation. By building family businesses of awake people, we can combine our forces to create a paradise. The business model is a social enterprise where the surplus goes back to our business. No one should get rich on this, but we should all take part in the wealth. Decisions are made by us using fractal methods. It is not really a company but a new society. We naturally focus on business areas that support our vision and that directly help our world. At the same time, we arrange festivals and events where more people can wake up and learn how we can navigate these stormy seas.

Now I am looking for a farm that can become a center for our business where we can work from and hold events. I am also looking for people who have experience in entrepreneurship and who can help set up the first businesses. There is also an interest in investment capital and other resources to get started. In short, it can be said that everyone who has time left over has a job with us. Whether we will succeed in this depends entirely on a basic principle. That we are not looking for a leader outside of us who will fix things, but instead understand that we are all leaders. You are a leader and the world needs you, so review your equipment and knowledge and give freely of what you have. This is how we will create paradise.

To participate in the network, sign up at (For international people use and then join the telegram group You can contact me directly at Support us with contributions via Swish: 0730880846 (Message True Freedom)

Warm greetings, light and love.
Mikael Ananda Cromsjö