The United Awakening

Can we be free?

Can we stop the corruption and be free?

If there would be nothing we could do, then they would not need to continue to lie. They have not won yet. They need us to continue to believe in the lie or else they are doomed. So yes, we can win this. And they know this. That´s why they are throwing everything they got at us right now.

What is the lie?

They are creating a worldwide control grid where everyone will be tracked and traced. Anyone can be held in quarantine without trial. Anyone can be medicated with force. That is, with or without a pandemic. That means you will basically have the same rights as asylum internment. Tyranny.

Who are they?

Society has three classes. Rulers, Middle Class, and Workers. They are the rulers. Some might believe that we have democracy and as such, there would be a rule by the people. This is simply wrong, as all major candidates are from the ruling class. Furthermore, most of the influence over world affairs is set by the banking networks and mega-corporations.

Why are they doing this?

There are more or less only two options to solving the environmental problem of our time. Either we all become aware of our place in the eco-system and start living in balance with the earth’s resources. Or, we just force the majority of the population to minimize consumption by either removing them or control their access to our resources. I guess you know what path they are on.

What can we do?

The problem is really that we, the people, do not have a voice. With a voice, we could tell them what we want. That voice is supposed to be our government. So the solution is just as easy. We need to start to create our own assemblies and elect our own representatives. And then let them speak our truth. Our assemblies would grow larger and soon we would be in a place to vote our representatives into power and change the constitutions to give us real freedom.

How can we create people’s assemblies?

Corruption, greed, and hatred have made this a big issue. Wherever there is power there are power-hungry people. Fear not. There are decentralized organization models that build up power from the ground up using local groups. Where we can spot the psychopaths early on and make sure that only people that we know and trust will be nominated for positions of influence. I call that fractal organization.

What is freedom?

When you are free. You can basically do whatever you want, as long as you do not harm someone else. You will be a king in your own castle. That does not mean that there will be no silly rules in your town that you have to follow. No, rather it means that you will be free to join a society of your choice. And accept the rules they have agreed upon.

What societies can you choose from?

As you are free to choose a society, there need to be plenty of them. Logically a society should be limited to a territory of reasonable size. They can’t be too large, as then it would be difficult to find a society that suits your taste. So we are talking about small towns and villages or suburbs governing themselves fully. They will ensure law and order in their own society and the citizens need to be able to vote for the representatives in that government. If you don´t like to be part of any society, you can opt-out, and move to the countryside.

What about Centralized Control?

There is no real need to have a centralized point of power. That can all be done by cooperation between the different societies. That cooperation could grow very strong and you can have whatever you have in the world today. The big difference is that any society could opt out of that cooperation, at any time. Using a fractal organization structure all societies on the whole planet could theoretically start cooperating together to reach global goals.

So what is the next step?

The strong people will start grouping together and create small assemblies. As soon you have a representative you will all back up that person and make sure your message gets across. Soon there will be many small assemblies and you will start to cooperate to create a common voice. The assemblies are not bound to an area and can extend worldwide.

What will it all add up to?

When the people who are aware are all united our voice will be great. That is in reality all we need. People will abandon the old system and join the new one. Implementing local government, each society will be enforcing its own laws. They could just take over any company on their land and claim its assets, and start throwing people in jail, as they please. Sounds harsh? I think they have it coming.

That´s the happy ending. Looking forward to seeing it in action. Get into more interesting ideas on

Mikael Cromsjö