The United Awakening



We are at war. The world governments have abandoned democratic values and are implementing a global control grid. We need to act now and I call upon every man, woman and child to go to immediate action.


  • Stop compulsory identification, limits to the right to assemble and coercion into taking medication.
  • A decentralized national truth and freedom debate.
  • New election.


  • Information campaigns with our unified message.
  • Non-violent civil disobedience by the occupation of parks and
  • The coloring of buildings and people that actively enforce tyrannical measures with powder paint and water color.

Our Message


Truth and Freedom Debate

A truth and freedom debate should be fully funded by the state and the proceedings should be broadcasted to the public. The debate must be fully decentralized and everyone must have the possibility to participate. Randomized groups of participators should be responsible for hearing and deciding the relevance of each participator¬īs contribution and decide who qualifies to continue with further debates with nominees from other groups. Group sizes should be kept small to make each debate
manageable and efficient.

Truth and Freedom Coalition Party

To call out for a new election after the truth and freedom debate is over will enable the nominees who have the people’s trust to be voted into power and create a new Truth and Freedom Coalition party where they can enact new laws to protect us from further tyranny.

Laws to Strengthen our Democratic Rights and Processes

The Truth and Freedom Coalition will use its power to strengthen our democratic rights to bodily integrity, freedom of movement, and right to assemble. They will also address other issues outlined by the truth and freedom debate including problems with our governments and the democratic voting process and create proper remedies and put them into law.

Further Discussion

We can change our laws to include quantifiable limits to treats that potentially would supersede democratic rights as well as strict time limits to any law that would be enacted to supersede the constitution. This can create an amendment to the law that states clearly that: Any restrictions of democratic rights can only be made if the threat is quantifiable and the risk to the population is asserted using anecdotal evidence. The danger must be to an extent that is well higher than any natural variance that is recorded during a longer time frame.

The time limit to a restriction of democratic freedoms due to emergencies can only be for a set period and never be extended beyond a set time to enable democracy to continue. That limit should be set to less than half a mandate period to enable the voting process to continue undisturbed. If a threat is still high beyond this time limit, people must themselves choose to restrict their behavior without any coercion.

No one should be given medication without consent except in very special cases and on a very limited scale. No one should be put into quarantine if no proof is provided within a reasonable time that the action is fair and directly protects other people from harm and there are no other options.

We can change our voting system to create stronger trust in local candidates using the principles of the Truth and Freedom Debate. To ensure that all candidates have to go through several local debates and be nominated in several steps to be able to receive votes. No private campaigns should be allowed. Political Parties will be optional and have no legal implication.

Mikael Cromsjö