The United Awakening

The Master Plan

The United Awakening

There is a war against humanity. We need to unite the freedom fighters of the world and create a common freedom manifest and act in unison.

I propose that we accomplish this by gathering an assembly of at least 12 people:  Who are dedicated to advocating freedom using peaceful means. Who has support and trust from at least 12 people each. Who are recognized as freedom fighters by their actions.

Each member of the assembly will create a manifest by answering four questions: What are the best proofs of the biggest crimes against humanity? What do you believe is the cause are for these crimes? How do you envision the solution? What are the most important steps to reach the solution?

The assembly will work in groups no larger than 7 people and summarize and prioritize all their individual answers into one manifest. One representative from each group will join representatives from other groups to create a common manifest. This will continue until there is one common manifest for all.

I propose that: On the 11:th of every month, we will advocate a peaceful manifestation to get attention towards our manifest and our cause. We manifest by throwing paint on Parlament buildings, major banks, and police stations until the day that the government resides and a new election is declared. We use the same method of representation to make amendments to the manifest and to form a political system to implement the solutions locally.

Do you support these actions? Join the United Awakening and help it become reality.