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Welcome to the Fractal!

Time is moving fast. People are waking up. This is a perfect time for us to grow and start helping all the new organizations to act to their full potential. Join the fractal flower revolution!

Core Circle Meeting
On the 10:th of December at 18.00 UMT+1 we will have a zoom meeting where we will talk about how to set up workgroups and find people to lead them. This is the meeting to attend if you have at least 5 hours of time per week that you can offer to the project. We need programmers, meeting hosts, social networkers, and great thinkers.

Introduction Fractal Meeting
On the 11:th of December 18:00 UMT+1 we will have an open meeting for everyone who is interested in the fractal circles. We will explain how it works and answer questions. You can learn how you can be an ambassador for the fractal circles and spread this valuable information to more networks.

We have been in contact with many organizations who understand the great potential of fractal organizations and want to connect and collaborate. Things are happening! We are growing fast and need talented and engaged people to step up and help to take this to the next step.
We are working with the Orange Circle movement in Portugal and the World Freedom Alliance to organize activists who are protecting democratic values and human rights in a changing world.
We are also looking at creating local economies and local currencies using the fractal system. We are starting on three places in Sweden to experiment with new local economies. We are also looking at the possibility to team up with the SEEDS blockchain to create a regenerative decentralized network of crypto coins and economics.

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Join the Fractal Flower Revolution
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