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Fractals are the Future!

Seeds Growing Everywhere

We are making great progress. The fractals are moving in many directions. More organizations are adopting the methods and new local groups are starting every day. I see a future coming where we will create new societies based on love, common law and fractal democracy where we will create our own economy that can and will thrive. Many of these pieces of the puzzle are falling into place as the we are connecting projects like Seeds, Gaianet, NITA and different sovereignty and activist movements together.

International Fractal Meeting

On the 22:th of every month 18:00 UMT+1 we will have an open international meeting for everyone who are interested in the fractal circles. We will make a short explanation of fractals and start a fractal meeting where we can share our experience from working in fractals as well as brainstorming new ideas on how to spread the method to new people.

Fractal Training

We are offering online groups and talks about how to host fractal meetings. You will get familiar with fractals and how to use them both online and in real life. This is a great start if you want to integrate fractals into your own organization or project. If you want to be part of the training please send a message to

Circle of Generals

To be able to grow further I need to have a tight circle of people who I trust and that are ready to act when needed. I call this group the circle of generals and together we will lead the united awakening project and take it to the next level. To join you need to be willing and able to offer at least five hours of your time every week. Apply for the position by sending a message to

Love and Light
Mikael Ananda

Support the Fractal Flower Revolution! Get friends into the project. This is the time to act. The Fractals have the possibility to change the world and create a new society.
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