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Fractal Democracy

Looking at the circus in the white house it is interesting to ask the question. Is it not time to replace the whole voting system? Not only is it very likely that the US election was rigged. It has been rigged from the start. The only way to get into office is if you buy your way there. The fractal organization method is the natural evolution. If you vote for people that you know and trust instead of the people who are connected to the rich and famous. 

At the same time, we see a movement growing of people in the world wanting change. It is happening everywhere. People are waking up. But a movement is not stronger than its weakest link. If we are not able to unite under one decentralized structure and one plan it will be corrupted and used as a tool for enslavement.

I have been playing with ideas of what we could do if a fractal democracy would start making reforms. I see a system where there is a limit to property, let's say maximum 10 million dollars in total and 10 thousand dollars per month. Everyone with less income does not need to pay any taxes and small businesses do not need to follow regulations for conducting trade. The creation of credit would be controlled by the people. This is just a thought.

Fractal Mentor Program

I am starting a new program where you can start learning more about how to facilitate fractal meetings. Everyone is welcome to join a meeting and get theory and practice.  As a fractal mentor, you will be able to help your local project to get more efficient and also be part of our team.

I hope to see this project evolve so that we can offer consultation to more organizations. If you are interested write to me on We will start weekly sessions soon. 

Meeting and Fundraiser

We will have another meeting on the 22nd at 18.00 UMT+1 for everyone who wants to be part of the development of the fractal organization. A link will be found online before the meeting starts.

We will talk about what our next steps are. How can we get funding to hire people and to develop the fractal online platform? Do you know any business people who have a large heart and are experienced in startups?

To get the fractal method out there we need experts and strong people. The need for systems to organize large groups online is greater than ever, both in the alternative movements but also in business. There is a huge potential and we can capitalize on it while making the world a better place. 


Love and Light
Mikael Ananda Cromsjö

Fractal Circles