Aljezur ABC

We are joining together in a common cause to create a better world.

Our main aim is to challenge the lockdown measurements and make sure that we can live healthy and free lives.



Aljezur ABC Public Announcement

We want to announce the start of Aljezur ABC and present our cause and our vision. Aljezur ABC was formed spontaneously by people in Aljezur who are concerned about the development of control measures that are being put in place. We are using a decentralized system of organization to direct our actions and we have no leaders.

Our vision is to help to create a better society using peaceful means. We want to implement sustainable solutions and sound ways of handling our situation while assuring our personal freedoms. We want to create a world where our children can get a good education, live in a safe and healthy environment and be able to live a good life.

Our main focus at this point is to allow children to be in school without having to wear face masks. We want all medication and health solutions to be voluntary and we want to see transparency in a government that accepts accountability for their actions.

We act under the banner of the orange circle. Under this banner, we honor all people and act peacefully. We will respect private property and we will aspire to always speak with kindness. We are open to everyone to join us who shares our vision and respects our codes.

During our first public manifestation, we showed the nation our concerns as the President of the Republic visited Aljezur. The event was successful and people were in good spirits. Our aim is to make sure that we always create a safe space where everyone feels welcome to join us. We want to encourage everyone in our circles to respect the people of Aljezur, our police, and our beautiful town.

We are not directed by any person, political orientation, or organized religion. We are acting from the power of our own free will. We are presenting an example of peaceful cooperation that gives us the power to act as one people under one plan.

This Announcement was written in an honest attempt to express the ethos and ideas shared by our group. It is based on the summaries from our meetings up till 2020/10/17.

Thank you people of Aljezur, and the people of the world.

Aljezur ABC
The Orange Circle