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Live Life Claim, and Quantum-Language-Parse-Syntax-Grammar a hoax?

How do we know that (LLC) Live Life Claim, and Quantum-Language-Parse-Syntax-Grammar is not another psyop?

Obviously, our justice system has been hijacked by the global mafia. We are kept trapped in a system using “laws” that actually violate common sense and our internal compass of right and wrong. The solution is for us to see through this fraud and create our own laws and courts to seek our own release and hold those responsible accountable.

The natural way to do so is by following Natural Law and the methods previously used to create justice in the past. It is about Common Law, but also many other legal systems that all have the same intent. To defend the people against tyrants.

LLC and Quantum Syntax are practical solutions to exactly this. In this way, its popularity spreads as it actually resonates with truth. Why, then, are there suspicions that it would be a psy-op? Well, because that’s how all good strategists work. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it. We all know the concept that the controlled opposition uses 95% truth and 5% lies.

What then would indicate that there are 5% lies buried in this story? That is the question. For starters, I see a lot of claims that seem implausible and without any facts to back them up. :David-Wynn: Miller is the man behind Quantum Syntax, which is a logical and mathematically precise language for writing contracts that is the foundation of the LLC document. According to his own account, he himself is a genius with an IQ of 200 and a 92nd-degree Freemason. His person is full of fantasy and mystery that we get to choose to swallow hook line and sinker. To me this says one thing if he is creating logically accurate language, why bother making people believe so many incredible claims that are served up with absolutely no proof?

The important thing here is not to single out anyone, but to be constantly attentive and not to agree to any dogmatic program, but also not to go against the core ideas like common law, because they are logical conclusions. We need to create a Common Law Court and free ourselves from coercive and immoral citizenship. We can do this, and it doesn’t have to follow any specific structure. We are sovereign and do not have to bow to any power that claims to own us as their property. If you know that you are sovereign, you do not need to claim that sovereignty to anyone but yourself.

The next step is to create a new common law jurisdiction. This is a process that needs time and effort. I feel that the old common law system is not working today but needs to be enhanced by a dynamin fractal organization, as I discuss here on in many other articles.

Mikael Cromsjö

The United Awakening

Mikael Cromsjö

Mikael Cromsjö is one of the founders of Unite Awake. He has been a political activist since 2004 and has started many projects to create awareness. He is also a meditation teacher and communication coach.

Throughout my life, I have worked to review structures that hinder development and found new paths where freedom and efficiency were at the center. I work with both the inner and the outer and see how these are closely connected with each other.

Mikael Cromsjö
Mikael Cromsjö – Political philosopher and activist
The United Awakening

The Master Plan

The United Awakening

There is a war against humanity. We need to unite the freedom fighters of the world and create a common freedom manifest and act in unison.

I propose that we accomplish this by gathering an assembly of at least 12 people:  Who are dedicated to advocating freedom using peaceful means. Who has support and trust from at least 12 people each. Who are recognized as freedom fighters by their actions.

Each member of the assembly will create a manifest by answering four questions: What are the best proofs of the biggest crimes against humanity? What do you believe is the cause are for these crimes? How do you envision the solution? What are the most important steps to reach the solution?

The assembly will work in groups no larger than 7 people and summarize and prioritize all their individual answers into one manifest. One representative from each group will join representatives from other groups to create a common manifest. This will continue until there is one common manifest for all.

I propose that: On the 11:th of every month, we will advocate a peaceful manifestation to get attention towards our manifest and our cause. We manifest by throwing paint on Parlament buildings, major banks, and police stations until the day that the government resides and a new election is declared. We use the same method of representation to make amendments to the manifest and to form a political system to implement the solutions locally.

Do you support these actions? Join the United Awakening and help it become reality.

The United Awakening



We are at war. The world governments have abandoned democratic values and are implementing a global control grid. We need to act now and I call upon every man, woman and child to go to immediate action.


  • Stop compulsory identification, limits to the right to assemble and coercion into taking medication.
  • A decentralized national truth and freedom debate.
  • New election.


  • Information campaigns with our unified message.
  • Non-violent civil disobedience by the occupation of parks and
  • The coloring of buildings and people that actively enforce tyrannical measures with powder paint and water color.

Our Message


Truth and Freedom Debate

A truth and freedom debate should be fully funded by the state and the proceedings should be broadcasted to the public. The debate must be fully decentralized and everyone must have the possibility to participate. Randomized groups of participators should be responsible for hearing and deciding the relevance of each participator´s contribution and decide who qualifies to continue with further debates with nominees from other groups. Group sizes should be kept small to make each debate
manageable and efficient.

Truth and Freedom Coalition Party

To call out for a new election after the truth and freedom debate is over will enable the nominees who have the people’s trust to be voted into power and create a new Truth and Freedom Coalition party where they can enact new laws to protect us from further tyranny.

Laws to Strengthen our Democratic Rights and Processes

The Truth and Freedom Coalition will use its power to strengthen our democratic rights to bodily integrity, freedom of movement, and right to assemble. They will also address other issues outlined by the truth and freedom debate including problems with our governments and the democratic voting process and create proper remedies and put them into law.

Further Discussion

We can change our laws to include quantifiable limits to treats that potentially would supersede democratic rights as well as strict time limits to any law that would be enacted to supersede the constitution. This can create an amendment to the law that states clearly that: Any restrictions of democratic rights can only be made if the threat is quantifiable and the risk to the population is asserted using anecdotal evidence. The danger must be to an extent that is well higher than any natural variance that is recorded during a longer time frame.

The time limit to a restriction of democratic freedoms due to emergencies can only be for a set period and never be extended beyond a set time to enable democracy to continue. That limit should be set to less than half a mandate period to enable the voting process to continue undisturbed. If a threat is still high beyond this time limit, people must themselves choose to restrict their behavior without any coercion.

No one should be given medication without consent except in very special cases and on a very limited scale. No one should be put into quarantine if no proof is provided within a reasonable time that the action is fair and directly protects other people from harm and there are no other options.

We can change our voting system to create stronger trust in local candidates using the principles of the Truth and Freedom Debate. To ensure that all candidates have to go through several local debates and be nominated in several steps to be able to receive votes. No private campaigns should be allowed. Political Parties will be optional and have no legal implication.

Mikael Cromsjö

The United Awakening

Can we be free?

Can we stop the corruption and be free?

If there would be nothing we could do, then they would not need to continue to lie. They have not won yet. They need us to continue to believe in the lie or else they are doomed. So yes, we can win this. And they know this. That´s why they are throwing everything they got at us right now.

What is the lie?

They are creating a worldwide control grid where everyone will be tracked and traced. Anyone can be held in quarantine without trial. Anyone can be medicated with force. That is, with or without a pandemic. That means you will basically have the same rights as asylum internment. Tyranny.

Who are they?

Society has three classes. Rulers, Middle Class, and Workers. They are the rulers. Some might believe that we have democracy and as such, there would be a rule by the people. This is simply wrong, as all major candidates are from the ruling class. Furthermore, most of the influence over world affairs is set by the banking networks and mega-corporations.

Why are they doing this?

There are more or less only two options to solving the environmental problem of our time. Either we all become aware of our place in the eco-system and start living in balance with the earth’s resources. Or, we just force the majority of the population to minimize consumption by either removing them or control their access to our resources. I guess you know what path they are on.

What can we do?

The problem is really that we, the people, do not have a voice. With a voice, we could tell them what we want. That voice is supposed to be our government. So the solution is just as easy. We need to start to create our own assemblies and elect our own representatives. And then let them speak our truth. Our assemblies would grow larger and soon we would be in a place to vote our representatives into power and change the constitutions to give us real freedom.

How can we create people’s assemblies?

Corruption, greed, and hatred have made this a big issue. Wherever there is power there are power-hungry people. Fear not. There are decentralized organization models that build up power from the ground up using local groups. Where we can spot the psychopaths early on and make sure that only people that we know and trust will be nominated for positions of influence. I call that fractal organization.

What is freedom?

When you are free. You can basically do whatever you want, as long as you do not harm someone else. You will be a king in your own castle. That does not mean that there will be no silly rules in your town that you have to follow. No, rather it means that you will be free to join a society of your choice. And accept the rules they have agreed upon.

What societies can you choose from?

As you are free to choose a society, there need to be plenty of them. Logically a society should be limited to a territory of reasonable size. They can’t be too large, as then it would be difficult to find a society that suits your taste. So we are talking about small towns and villages or suburbs governing themselves fully. They will ensure law and order in their own society and the citizens need to be able to vote for the representatives in that government. If you don´t like to be part of any society, you can opt-out, and move to the countryside.

What about Centralized Control?

There is no real need to have a centralized point of power. That can all be done by cooperation between the different societies. That cooperation could grow very strong and you can have whatever you have in the world today. The big difference is that any society could opt out of that cooperation, at any time. Using a fractal organization structure all societies on the whole planet could theoretically start cooperating together to reach global goals.

So what is the next step?

The strong people will start grouping together and create small assemblies. As soon you have a representative you will all back up that person and make sure your message gets across. Soon there will be many small assemblies and you will start to cooperate to create a common voice. The assemblies are not bound to an area and can extend worldwide.

What will it all add up to?

When the people who are aware are all united our voice will be great. That is in reality all we need. People will abandon the old system and join the new one. Implementing local government, each society will be enforcing its own laws. They could just take over any company on their land and claim its assets, and start throwing people in jail, as they please. Sounds harsh? I think they have it coming.

That´s the happy ending. Looking forward to seeing it in action. Get into more interesting ideas on

Mikael Cromsjö

The United Awakening

We are creating True Freedom in Sweden

These have been unusual years. Society is undergoing a huge metamorphosis and change is happening on all levels. At the same time as the outside world seems to be falling right into the dark. A reverse development is taking place in many people’s lives. For those who now dare to stand up for truth and instead of falling down, choose to go out into the world and search for true fellowship. We who are awake find each other and never before have I seen so many nice people come together and open up to the light.

I have traveled around Sweden and met many of the new communities that have emerged. In Skåne, regular demonstrations have been held for a long time, with information distribution, music and dance. I have not come across any other place in Sweden where they have been as many activities and meetings as around Malmö. In Gothenburg, we have distinguished ourselves by having the largest meetings in Sweden, where only the size of the premises has limited how many people come. We have also conducted torchlight processions, demonstrations and square meetings and distributed leaflets. In Dalarna, the awake community is growing rapidly and soon I believe that each province will have its own awake family.

Yes, we are creating a new family. The bond that we awake people create for each other is different from what many have ever encountered. Something that I myself am amazed at is how different people are in this new community. So many different life stories and backgrounds, but what we share is such an incredibly strong longing for something better. Not just for us, but for all the people in the world. Our groups are based on such strong tolerance and compassion that it bridges different ways of thinking and personal preferences. We are building a new family that is the seed for a new society.

I see Sweden as a unique place where we have the opportunity to develop a strategy for how to liberate ourselves and the world. Through a new organizational form and a new leadership, we see how we can create a new world that replaces the old and at the same time gives everyone the opportunity to participate. My calling has been to bind the family together and share the tools I work with. We call the model a fractal organization and the principle is simple. True democracy can only be achieved through the participation of all of us. It is through small local groups that we have to work. Everyone must be able to raise their voice and through the fractal method, all voices are bound together to create a masterpiece. We create a decentralized network without leaders that cannot be corrupted or infiltrated. The time of centralized movements is finally over and we can put it away for what actually works.

In Sweden, we have started the group True Freedom from where we coordinate the work of teaching fractal methods, facilitate the creation of local groups and hold meetings. Our work has just started and I am in full swing to organize local groups. Our plan is to create a plan. The fractal approach revolutionizes everything we have seen before with a recursive methodology that builds itself. It uses principles that have not been created by us, but which are cornerstones of how the universe itself is constructed. It’s about how we can meet as human beings in an organic and natural way in harmony.

For those who have studied the deep state and the psychological war that is ravaging our earth understand some simple principles. This war is about controlling people’s subconscious and thus forcing people to follow a path that they themselves do not really want to follow. Large-scale manipulation where fear and contradictions are created so that the people start fighting against each other instead of looking above us and see who is holding the strings.

An important part to understand is how we are bombarded with incorrect information. Not only from the mass media but perhaps especially through alternative media. False news and exaggerated conspiracy theories are trumpeted to create confusion. Many people buy into these and contribute themselves to sharing the madness, unaware of the negative consequences. Personally, I do not believe in anything I read and especially not sensational news. I do my research and always continue to be humble and understand that I do not know the answer. That way, my mind is always open and does not get caught up in propaganda. We must understand that we can not rely on any information and not on any leadership figures. This is our great challenge. If we look back in time, we can see that new subversive movements are always controlled via a controlled opposition. Leaders and organizations can look as good as they like, but suddenly the rhetoric turns and what would lead to a better society leads instead to a new control society.

The fractal organization is so important because it breaks down the core of the propaganda machine. By meeting in small local groups, propaganda does not work. The reason is that we are attacked based on group psychology. By creating group pressure and a fear of not being part of the group, a few can control the larger group’s thoughts and feelings. But when we meet in a small group, natural security quickly arises, and we enter into our truth and can stand in our power. We create family, security and strength.

Over the years, I have traveled around and lectured on fractal methods, created local action groups and built up a network of freedom fighters. I have also created several festivals and participated and supported several projects with truth and freedom in its center. If anyone, I have experienced that my family is growing, and it is growing fast. People are slowly but surely starting to offer their resources. We have so much in Sweden. Land, houses, farms, money and equipment. We do not see much of the resources we have. We have become so used to constantly searching for more that we do not really understand how much we actually have. Now it’s starting to change and people are starting to look for what they can help with. It is only a matter of time before we start collaborating and using what we have.

It is when we open up our resources and start utilizing them that we can begin to grow and expand. Our plan is to create a network, not only to spread information and knowledge but to create opportunities for growth and income. When we create an alternative to support ourselves without being tied to the old system, we have the tool to create liberation. By building family businesses of awake people, we can combine our forces to create a paradise. The business model is a social enterprise where the surplus goes back to our business. No one should get rich on this, but we should all take part in the wealth. Decisions are made by us using fractal methods. It is not really a company but a new society. We naturally focus on business areas that support our vision and that directly help our world. At the same time, we arrange festivals and events where more people can wake up and learn how we can navigate these stormy seas.

Now I am looking for a farm that can become a center for our business where we can work from and hold events. I am also looking for people who have experience in entrepreneurship and who can help set up the first businesses. There is also an interest in investment capital and other resources to get started. In short, it can be said that everyone who has time left over has a job with us. Whether we will succeed in this depends entirely on a basic principle. That we are not looking for a leader outside of us who will fix things, but instead understand that we are all leaders. You are a leader and the world needs you, so review your equipment and knowledge and give freely of what you have. This is how we will create paradise.

To participate in the network, sign up at (For international people use and then join the telegram group You can contact me directly at Support us with contributions via Swish: 0730880846 (Message True Freedom)

Warm greetings, light and love.
Mikael Ananda Cromsjö

The United Awakening

Acting and speaking with Honour

– A guide for how to solve conflicts and handle issues with the law.

Natural law consists of an unspoken understanding of what is right and what is wrong. This understanding reflects local communities and traditions but is also a more general understanding of how we can interact and settle discords on an international level.

To act with honor is a key to the natural law. A man or woman who acts with honor is able to listen to complaints and respond to them with reason, as well as express her own complaints in an understandable and factual way.

Common law is a method on how we can come to shared interpretations on how to apply natural law in our communities. This process is guided by a jury of peers that are selected from the community by the community. The outcomes from these Common Law Courts are then used as references in future cases.

One of the basic ideas behind the Common Law is to offer a system to solve disputes by creating a structure for communication so that all parties can be heard and understood. The idea of honor is key in the Common Law procedures. To remain in honor you need to follow a specific way of communicating that will help to create an understanding and find a resolution.

To speak in honor is thus not only a method for communication in a courtroom but a way to communicate in your daily lives that honor the natural laws. This is not merely a procedure using a structure with specific words and semantics, but rather a way to be in line with our inner truth and act as responsible beings towards ourselves and toward all life.

Most of our communication will be outside the courtroom and with the knowledge to speak and act with honor we will avoid conflict on many levels. A man or woman that acts with honor will not easily get into disputes as he or she will create trust and friendship with whoever she encounters.

If a dispute does happen, it can often be settled outside of court if one of the parties is able to act with a degree of honor. Naturally, the degree of honor that any man or woman can produce is in accordance with the inner development that she has experienced and the intuitive understanding of natural law that results from it.

Even as a dispute is going to a higher level where officers of the law or other governing institutions are involved, the conflict can often be settled without a Court by remaining in honor. To act and speak in honor is thus always important and should be refined by those who want to serve their communities and their own personal development.

In a courtroom there are several rules that describe the method of remaining in honor, it is important to understand that these rules are only a subset of behavior that defines true honor. True honor can not be quantified and is a quality that preseeds even words and actions as a way of staying true to the Natural Law.

In a legal process, you at all times must be in honor. If not, you are acting in dishonor and can eventually lose the right to present yourself. The Court can find you incompetent and you will be appointed a guardian to represent you and that will of course also reflect negatively on your case.

There are procedures for a Common Law Court to stay in honor and I will present my understanding of this. As I have not studied law in depth this presentation will only be able to act as a guiding principle.

In court, there are two parties the Plaintiffs who present a claim and who have suffered some loss or hurt, and the defendant who will answer to that claim. The Plaintiff needs to present evidence to prove her claims while the defendant only needs to respond. If the Plaintiff fails to present that evidence she risks falling in dishonor and can be charged with causing defamation. Defamation is a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation, also known as libel or slander.

The dialogue is then carried out by one party making a presentment towards each other. A presentment includes a claim and a demand. The respondent can choose to answer in three different ways to remain in honor.

1) Accord and satisfaction – The defendant accepts the presentation and offers to satisfy whatever is demanded.

2) Conditional Acceptance – The offer is accepted with some conditions. This is in effect a counteroffer and a new presentment is given back.

3) Rejection without dishonor – The presentment is rejected on the basis that the claim is erroneous and there is no liability in evidence.

There are also two ways of dishonor the presentment.

1) Argument – The presentment is rejected without offering an argument that has direct relevance to the case. Many times by presenting irrelevant comments on the other party.

2) Silence – No comments are made and thus the presentment is dishonored.

In many situations where you do not accept the claims made it is a recommended practice to answer with conditional acceptance. This can for example be when a police officer asks for your identification. You can answer that you will give it to them when they present evidence that they have jurisdiction over you and the laws give them the right to demand it.

From these simple rules, you can see that you must never make a claim without having proof. You can not answer by starting an irrelevant argument and you can not ignore the claim. These are a good golden standard to apply in you general life to make sure you act with honor.

To act with honor is of course a much broader field than these simple rules. To act with honor is something that can be perfected during the cause of a lifetime where the aim is to respect all life and act with grace.

Another tool for communication that is helping people to act in honor is by communicating with empathy. In this method, we also include the inner realm of feelings and needs to further express our situation. I will quote from my book “speaking with an open heart”.

“In this model, we break down want we want to say into four parts to express it clearly. The four parts are called: Observation, Feeling, Need and Request. Observation is to describe a situation clearly and objectively without personal values and interpretations [the proof]. The feeling is about expressing and taking responsibility for what you feel. Needs is about understanding and expressing your basic needs. The request is to express clearly what you would like someone else (or yourself) to contribute to meet your needs. When you have gained an understanding of these four parts they will serve as useful tools that will allow you to get your needs met as well as creating deep connections with other people.”

The observation is thus the evidence that you present. It is crucial that all the evidence is indisputable or you will risk having your presentation rejected without dishonor. To express your feelings are important to create a further understanding of why you claim to be hurt. It is relevant for other parties to understand you and relate to your cause. It is also a way to express your truth without risking making any counterclaims or arguments. Your feelings are yours to present as you like and can not be discarded as false. To express your longings are also in the same way a means to express your truth and to create a further understanding of what you desire. This is a way to settle the case by finding alternative routes that can cause mutual satisfaction. Finally, the request is [often] in the form of a counterclaim. That is a clear proposition of what you can accept to find satisfaction.

The procedure of learning to speak in honor is thus not only a formal legal proceeding but rather a way of life and something you need to practice and apply in all aspects of your life. I recommend you to read my book “speaking with an open heart” that you can find as an ebook online. ( Then you need to actively practice your skills for a prolonged time for them to fully integrate with your language. I recommend you to find a group of friends interested in the subject and meet regularly to practice. This can be as a role-playing game with one acting as an authority or as a conflict you have encountered anywhere else in your personal life.

The next step to act with honor is to expand your interest not to only your situation and needs but rather include the whole world and especially the party that confronts you. Everyone who makes a claim feels hurt. By understanding the subjective feeling of loss you can act and speak in a way that shows empathy and understanding towards the other party. Even if the same party is making unjust claims towards you, you still have a possibility to understand the source of suffering and offer a way to solve it for everyone.

To do so we need to start listening with empathy and being able to have acceptance of other people acting with dishonor as long as we do not get hurt in the process. The power of showing grace is great and you will find that when you act for the benefit of all beings and not only focusing on protecting your own rights, you will expand your influence and be granted power as a result of the Natural Laws.

The way of listening with empathy is basically to turn the nonviolent communication around and instead of expressing yourself, you begin to try to understand the other party. What has she observed, what she feels, what she needs, and what she can ask for to get satisfaction.

I recommend you to read my book “Listening with compassion” ( to get an in-depth understanding of how you can listen and ask questions to gain trust and respect from others.

In my private life, I have many times been in contact with police as an activist on the streets creating manifestations or as a free man trying to live my life in peace and by doing so choosing not to follow some statues that I deem unlawful.

The first key to act with honor is to see yourself as a sovereign free man or woman with equal rights to everyone else. There is no authority over you and you are the king or queen in your domain. To accept police officers, bosses or anyone else as your authority is not to act with honor and so you must practice acting on the same level as others. You can also not fall into the trap of seeing yourself as higher than others, the police officers are not under your command and you need to honor their equal rights.

As a child, I had to learn this as I always felt compelled to directly accept anything an officer of the law would suggest. It was a revelation when I first understood that I have the same rights as them and that I did not need to follow their commands. One of the first times this happened I was sitting down playing drums in a park. A police officer came and said that we should stop playing as it would disturb other people. I was already on my way when a friend of mine just stood up in front of the officer and with a kind voice said that it would be sad if we were to leave as we were having such a good time and that he did not think that it would be of any disturbance. That simple gesture of honesty and courage was all that was needed for the police to change his mind and we were allowed to continue enjoying our evening.

To speak up when you feel that something is wrong is the only honorable way. To stand aside and watch while someone is causing harm is a bigger problem than any other, as this creates an atmosphere where dishonor and shame define us. This has a negative impact on everyone and dishonorable behavior is collectively encouraged in this way.

Another time my friends and I were “squatting” land in a natural park and had an encounter with the local government. Instead of going into an argument, we invited the local authorities to come out to us and have a discussion to solve the issue. They accepted and so we came to sit in my friend’s tepe serving them téa. We had a camera to record the whole meeting. This usually gives a much better environment for discussion as both parties will have the knowledge that any dishonorable behavior will be recorded and can be used both as a judge of our character as well as proof in a court.

Instead of defending our case or in any way rejecting their demands we were starting to ask questions. In this way, we were acting in honor and even showing interest in their presentment. When talking to a representative of authority it is important to understand that they act only as a representative for someone else. When speaking to them we are interested in understanding both the organization they are representing as well as their own ideas about the situation. When we have grace towards them and show interest in their cause on both a professional and personal level, we will gain trust and respect. We will also connect to the individual human that we speak to and can get a possible allay for our cause.

We got answers to all our questions and they had the time to clarify exactly what evidence there were for their case, what they felt about the situation or suspected other people to feel, what they were hoping to accomplish, and what benefits that would bring to the community and finally what their demands where.

After that, we changed our viewpoint and started to express our own situation. It is of great importance to first give the other party the possibility to express themselves. This shows grace and that you are not the needy party who makes demands without proper cause. It also opens the other party to listen as they have been granted that by us and so we by Natural Law are in title to be equally heard. We were well received as we talked about the facts of the matter, our feelings, needs, and finally our request. In short, we expressed that the threat from the police to be removed by force was making us feel uneasy. That we enjoyed being in nature and wanted to continue to do so. Our request was that we would find another solution where everyone involved would feel good about it.

After the discussion ended we never heard from them again. The threat of police coming, or other legal measures were just dropped. This despite that the local government already had a meeting about this and that the authorities were informed about the situation. Our effort to connect and respect the people we met had such a great impact that they probably by their own longing for honor and doing good stood up on our behalf and managed to convince all other involved parties to drop the charges and change their decision.

To create a dispute or an argument there needs to be someone in opposition. If you are not in opposition to anyone but only act in honor trying to get the full picture without bios, you are creating a fluent state that easily can adjust and find a solution for all. When there is no opposition the police can not act against you as they will feel that they are acting in dishonor. Often they act to provoke resistance in someone to give themselves a reason to employ force and create harm. If we can stand in our honor this will be impossible and that is the way for truth to shine through.

In some cases, we will find ourselves in a situation where some other party does not at all feel the need to act in honor and thus is a tyrant. We should give everyone the benefit of the doubt before abandoning the hope to solve the dispute by words. If you meet someone who over and over again acts with dishonor you do best to avoid them and leave it for the courts to handle. It is still equally important that you never stand in dishonor and act shamefully. Even if you encounter someone with foul and harmful ways. There is never any good coming from dishonorable behavior and thus all kind of slander is without cause. Instead, we can try to find empathy for the broken people who act with ignorance.

There is even situations where you need to resort to violence to resolve a immediate threat. This can also be part of a citizen arrest where you both neutralize the offender and restrain him or her. In all cases where violence is needed special care should always be made to not harming more than absolutely necessary for everyones safety. If you use more violence than needed this not only is a dishonorable action, it also can lead to a conviction in a court.

To act and speak with honor is a way of life. It is a way to learn how to handle any disputes, be it in your community, with your friends or with your spouse. To act in honor is the way of improving yourself and to discover the way towards your higher purpose with your life here on earth. 

Love and Light
Mikael Ananda Cromsjö

The United Awakening

International Assemblies

Creating International Assemblies, and International Common Law Courts.

Common Law Courts

A Common Law Court is established by men and women to judge matters of concern to them and their community. The matter that concerns us today are crimes against humanity, including but not limited to, genocide, personal harm, restrictions of movement and economical loss to the world population. This is caused mainly by forced lockdowns and medical experiments on the population.

The whole community of the world is concerned with this crimes and are obligated to act to defend the right of their fellow men and woman. To establish a Common Law Court, ruling on a global matter, the global community needs to be able to assemble. The community needs to be able to elect the Jury, Prosecutor, Adjudicator, Sheriff, and Peace Officers. It is also of great importance that after the Court proceedings, where the jury comes to a final verdict, every able citizen feels obligated to assist the Sheriff and Deputies in enforcing the sentence of the Court.

There are already international Courts like The International Court of Justice, which has its seat in The Hague, and is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. As the United Nations is one of the main defendants in this case, and as the local governments, electing that Court also is defendants, in this case, they can not be entrusted by the community to act on our behalf.

There are also several Common Law Courts created independently from the defendants, but as they are not elected by the community as a whole and nighter have the support of the community to enforce the verdict, they also can not act on the behalf of the community.

International Assemblies

To get the support of the community and the citizens of the global society we need to assemble on a global scale. The International Assemblies are a proposal on how International Common Law Courts and other citizen actions can be created on a global scale. To rule on a global scale we need to have a global community and a global society as a foundation. A society is an association of men and women united together for any mutual or common purpose. To be a citizen of the international society we need to have a common purpose, this purpose should be well defined and include but not limited to.

– To accept the Common Law Court according to the principles of Natural Justice and Due Process.
– To act at all times with integrity, honesty, and lawfulness.
– To claim sovereignty by not accepting any jurisdictions outside of the Common Law or where you implicitly agreed to.
– To assist in the enforcement of the verdicts of the International Common Law Court.

Dynamic Fractal Organizations

To assemble people from the whole world, we need a system for that purpose that can represent the whole of the society. The Dynamic Fractal Organization method serves that purpose. To create a dynamic fractal organization you divide the larger group into smaller groups of six people each. All groups discuss and vote on a common topic and choose one person whom they trust within their group to represent their findings to the larger community. The representatives are then again divided into small groups and the process continues until all circles are joined together.

My aim is to share the ideas of dynamic fractal organizations with the aim to establish an internationally accepted Common Law Court, from where we can create a new society where freedom and truth will prevail.

Mikael Cromsjö

The United Awakening

A New Hope


The world is changing and a global system to ensure control and order is emerging. Nation-states are of less importance as global organizations and corporations gain more influence. To many people the power is shifting away from the people and to the hands of corporate leaders, who are using their power to influence world politics. With the start of the corona outbreak, this development has accelerated even further. Today many people have come to the conclusion that the rule of law, the money system, and the democratic process has been corrupted to a degree that it is a real danger to us as humans and for life on earth in general. The globalist interests are driving production into centralized control. Mono-cultures and genetically modified biology and artificial intelligence are used to optimize results. When we look at the evidence from this global experiment we can clearly see the negative results with the destruction of the environment, lower long-term yields, and less stability of those systems. If this continues we see a future with fragile artificial environments where we separate further and further from the nature.

A New Hope

There is a lot of understanding of how we can live in balance with nature, and also increase efficiency and yields. There is a steady development of permaculture, eco-building, and many other fields of science, incorporating knowledge from many wisdom traditions that show us how we can apply it today on a large scale. The new paradigm is based on how nature works and where we try to mimic the natural processes. Nature is a decentralized network, where many different interactions create a robust system that can adapt and compensate for sudden changes in the environment. We also see many new projects emerging using the benefits from Internet and computers to connect people and create systems of communication that are decentralized and robust. This combined knowledge creates a platform from where we as human beings now have the tools needed to create a new society. It is the combination of the new technology with the old wisdom traditions that will create the solutions that we need.

Fractal Decision Making

A core component of a functioning society is to be able to take part of the decisions that effect our own life’s. In a fractal system, decisions are made on a local level in circles of 5-7 people. The results are then propagated to the larger network by representatives from each circle. The representatives join together forming new circles of 5-7 people. In this way, a hierarchical fractal is created that connects everyone. This method can be used to connect large groups and find common ideas and plans. It is a way to secure that only good people what we know and trust will get into important possitions.

Fractal Resource Circles

People with similar goals or projects can connect together in a circle of 5-7 people. In the circle, you create a resource inventory where you can share what knowledge you have. You can be part of many resource circles with different objectives. This can be to support each other’s work, to have readiness in case of emergency or any activity you have in common. If you have more than 7 people who want to be part of the same network, the network can split into two groups that can connect to each other by having one or two members in common.

Each circle can agree on a set of rules in common. New rules can be created by voting. Any member can leave the circle when needed, still accepting responsibility for all contracts already made.

Local Economy

Each circle can create its own currency to facilitate trade in-between each other. The local coin can be created as a rent-free loan from the circle based on a vote. All members in the circle will offer services to the circle, accepting the local coin as payment. Two circles can agree to have free trade in-between the circles and start accepting both coins as payment. Each circle in the network will have a shared responsibility to ensure that all members in their local circle are honoring their contracts and accept limited compensation for breach in contract.

To fund new projects and support infrastructure a fractal coin can be created as a rent-free loan from the fractal network of circles. Each member agrees to offer their services and accepts this coin as a valid payment. This coin can be used as payment for participating in fractal meetings to encourage participation.

The Way Forward

You can connect to the United Awakening project to help get this method out into the world.

Mikael Ananda Cromsjö

The United Awakening

The Fractal Democracy and The Greater Reset

The world is moving at a fast rate towards a new system of governance. It is called for due to environmental problems, economic instability and resource shortage. It has been on the move for many years but is now quickly working its way into our legal systems due to the global pandemic.

The most visible actors are the UN with Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum with the Great Reset. Both are publicly displaying how we can create a new social order to solve many of the current problems that we face. The solution is a state with more control and with the authority to dictate how people should behave.

The Democratic laws have for generations protected the western countries from misuse of state powers by assuring basic democratic rights like the right to assemble, travel, and to speak freely.  This is now changing. By declaring a state of emergency around the world, new laws can be passed that limit our freedoms. This enables the  possibility of controlling people on an individual level.

Many of the ideas presented in the Great Reset as well as in  Agenda 2030 are actually in many cases quite good. The biggest problem that I see is that it will be made mandatory to comply with the rules and regulations to such a degree that you will have to take vaccines or other measurements to be able to use society’s services. There is no way of assuring that this will not be misused further as the current method of democracy does not represent the people.

The solution is to create a state that has the trust of the people and is created by the people. This is where fractal organizations come in. Using the “dynamic fractal organization” methods we can quickly gather both reliable information as well as trustworthy people to make decisions. The principle of fractal organizations is to create a form of multi-level representative decentralized democracy. Read more about the method on

When we have a government that really represents the people we can start finding solutions to the environmental and economic problems and create the needed change. My firm belief is that such a government would automatically choose to limit the control the state has, for the benefit of individual freedom, and rather implement good education as a method of creating positive change. I believe that the direction of our current society to centralize power and control individuals reflects that the state represents the upper class.

The main control mechanism of our current system is the creation of credit. This power is held by a system of banks from the IMF, World Bank, and ECB to local commercial banks. The power of banks to control the development of our society is, to many people’s surprise, much greater than that of our states. This is why it is of great importance that our currencies are created and controlled by the people through the fractal democratic system.

New credit can then be issued to support regenerative projects that aim to solve the problems that we face and create employment. This can be done by lending money or by financing projects directly to create a type of “green new deal” that is supported by the people. The main focus can be reforestation, water management, food production and sustainable housing. The difference here with regards to the programs suggested by the UN and WEF is that it will be managed by the people using fractal democracy and will not have any hidden agenda..

We can start using fractal systems immediately on a local scale using these ideas. A fractal democratic system can with ease be started in any community by interested people coming together.  We will have to create a parallel system that can work side by side with the other systems and grow until the fractal system has the power to replace all the functions of the outdated systems. With popular support, this can happen fast.

The first part of creating a fractal is to create a circle. This will be a space where you can come together and share ideas and work on projects together. A circle is a place for sharing, support, education, and action. At the beginning of the social change that we see there is a possibility that political instability and food shortages will occur. One focus of a circle can be to create a safety plan and make an inventory of resources. It will also act as a place for political action as public meetings can be prohibited or severely limited. The circles can then be interconnected using the organic growth method until there are a few circles in your area so that fractal systems can be implemented.

When a fractal is formed you can create a fractal democracy by having official meetings where you explore how the circles can act together to support the members and the community. You can then form a fractal bank by creating a new local currency that can stimulate local trade and fund projects. The fractal bank is controlled by the fractal democracy. Every individual attending official fractal meetings will be rewarded local coins for their contribution and this will stimulate people to become more active. At the meetings, you can give suggestions on projects that you would like to support.

The next step is to create a local trade register where everyone can offer their services on a local marketplace and accept the local coin as payment. Not everyone will have the time to join the circles. They can then support the project by offering their services to create value in the coin. This can translate to a situation in which if you attend a few meetings you can use the coins rewarded to get a haircut from someone else in the system. If a project is granted coins, the group then can sell the coins to other people in the system to be able to buy tools and materials or use the coins to buy goods and services within the system.

Members of each circle can also borrow coins from the local fractal. These coins can then be used as payment within the local circle and with other circles with whom it has an agreement and trust. In this way, a trust-based decentralized set of coins are created that can work together and have a strong resilience in relation to outer manipulation. Limits on how much credit can be created are set up by each fractal as needed.

Another important function of the fractal system is to gather trustworthy information. A new fractal media will be able to give its members updates on local and world events. As the system grows it can take on the responsibility to create transparency within the local government. It will be able to limit the state from misusing its powers and hold them accountable when they breach contracts.

The fractal system will serve the function of providing social safety, education, democracy, banking and media and it can expand and scale to any proportions.

The system works without specific software and can be used without technology to start with, or in case of a system breakdown. It will also be able to use online platforms for making it more scalable. At that point voting, banking and media can all be incorporated into decentralized blockchains. As the fractals are truly decentralized it does not have to have a full record of the transaction (ledger). The transactions can be stored locally within your subset of the fractal.

As the fractal democracy is gaining user base and as it spreads worldwide it will also gain political influence and can affect global politics. It will at a point be able to act as a separate society based on natural law, establishing new citizenship that will not infringe on your human and democratic rights. In this way,  you will get help to be relieved from taxation and other forms of unlawful measures that your state might attempt to enforce towards your person without your consent.

Voting in general elections can be done in a fractal way to chose the representatives that in the end will form the government. This can be done on a local level so that legislation and laws can be decentralized to local communities where possible.

In a larger scale fractal system, there is no need for taxes, as the system can give funding to community projects by creating new credits. There is also a good possibility to create a universal basic income that would secure food and shelter for the world’s population. This needs to be given without any requirement as a way for people to get their fair share of the natural resources that the world provides freely. This would solve the problem of starvation. We can also stop following unlawful regulations that restrict trade and commerce and create a truly free market. Only criminal acts will be addressed in our courts.

It would also be possible to create a wealth and income limit to solve the problem of excess accumulation of individuals and corporations. This could be a true “great reset” where we not only relieve people of their debt but also redistribute the world’s resources back to the people. This is of course one of the main threats that the current system sees in the development of a true democracy. To make the transition smooth the limit should be high enough that they can continue their upper-class lifestyle to some extent and that they will be able to distribute the excess wealth themselves by funding projects. This will also include redistribution of property and stock shares. This will take away the power of global corporations as their shares will be distributed and no-one will stand to gain from corporate profit. The control of wealth will only apply to people that have very high income and wealth. In this way, instead of regulating and controlling the people, all control will shift to make sure that the richest people do not have more than they should and to have more than you are allowed to should be a criminal offense. When it comes to crimes perpetrated in the old systems I suggest pardon for all people of the world to get the cooperation and inclusion of as many as possible.

Patents and copyright laws that limit the spread and use of technology can be taken away and lead the way to a genuine, new industrial revolution where all production can use the same technical solutions making repair, recycling and production less expensive.

Mikael Cromsjö
Göteborg, Sweden