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Shambala Retreats, Aljezur, Portugal

New Earth Gathering
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We are creating a conscious community of people dedicated to healing ourselves and our planet.

You can come and visit Shambala and learn how to connect with your own intuitive path using meditation, tantra, breath work and ceremonies.

The Kingdom of Shambala

Warrior Training in Southern Portugal
Embrace your courage, strength and passion for life

The Shambala Center is located in a beautiful nature paradise. Everything here is simple and nature is always a close friend.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to open up to their potential and to start working together to create a new society.

You can come here to do longer or shorter private retreats or participate in our training program.

We are focusing on meditation, energy work, body awareness, peaceful communication and eco activism.

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  • Sitting and Working Meditation

  • Communication and Coaching

  • Drumming and Energy Work

  • Centering, Breathing and Balance


"I read the peace strategy with interest, and considerable sympathy for the objectives outlined. I will be looking forward with interest to the development of your efforts." - Noam Chomsky


Natural Hierarchy and Holistic Ecology

The solutions for most of our problems are already available. We can have clean resources for everyone on the planet.
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Circles of Trust

Our system of organization is designed to create a structure that is difficult to infiltrate and manipulate and at the same time efficient and focused.
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Corruption, Wars and Poverty

Today we can see that a few percent of the population have claimed ownership of the majority of the land, resources and wealth of the earth.
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Fear and Greed

By exploiting natural human group behavior, the fear of being excluded and the need of acceptance, we are being manipulated into complying with the system.
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Karma Yoga and Training

Join our Online Training with Mikael Ananda.

Access the shambala vision online resources, videos and talks. Mikael also offers online coaching and answers questions for groups and individuals.

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