The United Awakening
Unite the people - Awake the spirit


Unity is the foundation of a enlightened society. Unity in mind and matter.
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Teachings and texts

Study the vision and the teachings of the spiritual warrior.

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Fractal Circles

Dynamic Fractal Organization – Collective Intelligence

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Join us in holy communion with Amanita in Sweden

Shambala Teaching

Spiritual Warrior Training
Embrace your courage, strength and passion for life

Our mission is to encourage everyone to open up to their potential and to start working together to create a new society. We share, honour and co-create the new tradition. It is the tradition of the spiritual warrior, the rainbow warrior and the boddhisatva.

We are open to many traditions and focus on the intuitive teaching from within. We practice meditation, chi gong, tantra, peaceful communication, breath work and shamanic ceremonies.

  • Sitting and Working Meditation

  • Qi Gong and Intuition

  • Drumming and trance

  • Singing, speaking and acting

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