Shambala Grounding and Meditation Retreat in Portugal. Start 28 April 2018 with a full moon ceremony.

Shambala Peace Center

Retreats and Gatherings in Southern Portugal
Find your courage, strength and your passion for life

The Shambala Center is located in southern Portugal, tucked away in a beautiful valley. We are prepared for our first meditation retreat starting in the end of April. Everything here is simple and nature is always close.

You can come here to do training for longer or shorter times. Together we practice meditation, drumming, energy work and peaceful communication.

Our main roots comes from Buddhism, with influences of Shamanism, Martial Arts and Coaching. Our goal is to help people open up to their potential and to start working together to create a better society. Connect with us on

  • Sitting and Working Meditation

  • Communication and Coaching

  • Drumming and Energy Work

  • Centering, Breathing and Balance


Together we can change the world


Natural Hierarchy and Holistic Ecology

We can already see the start of a mass awakening happening where people are seeing through the false world view that we have been led to believe in and opening there eyes to what is really happening in society.
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Circles of Trust

We invite everyone who share the same intentions to use our strategies in their own work. Join together in circles of five and work to create positive change inside and outside of yourself.
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Fear and Greed

Understanding the root cause of the problems is necessary in order to create lasting change. This understanding also gives us the clarity to make a positive change in ourselves.
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Corruption, Wars and Poverty

Today we can see that a few percent of the population have claimed ownership of the majority of the land, resources and wealth of the earth. The great injustice and suffering this causes for us all is clear for everyone to see.
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