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Mooji is a spiritual teacher that has gained a lot of attention in recent times. He stays in Monte Sahaja where he have most of his teachings. He have satsangs regularly where his student can ask questions and get answers. The teaching is simple but direct, much like the non dual zen teachings that we base our practice on in Shambala Center. Mooji offers retreats in Portugal close to Odemira, about two hours north from Aljezur and Shambala Center.

MOOJI – Monte Sahaja Retreat Center

Mooji - Retreat and Meditation

Mooji, Mudshi, was born on January 29, 1954 in Port Antonia, Jamaica. His original name is Anthony Paul Moo-Young.

For a long time he made his living as a street portrait artist, as a stained glass maker and even as an art teacher at Brixton College. Today he lives in “Monte Sahaja”, in the Alentejo region in south-west Portugal. For many years he was known by the name ‘Tony Moo’. Today he is affectionately known as ‘Mooji’ by his followers and friends.

The spoken Japanese sound ‘mu’ comes from the Chinese word ‘wu’ and means ’emptiness’, nothing. ‘Ji’ is a Hindu term, it always stands at the end of a name and is considered a sign of respect and love. Mooji prefers this name and sound.

Mooji was a direct disciple of Sri Harilal Poonja, the world renowned advaita master better known as Papaji. The encounter with a Christian mystic should change Mooji’s life forever. During a common prayer, the experience of the divine seized him and transformed his consciousness from the ground up. For many friends, his family and acquaintances, he seemed to be a different person from that point on. The deep transformation of his awakening consciousness brought with it many mystical insights. He felt an immense power of change in his life that urged him to surrender to the living divine will.

He finished his teaching, resigned from his abode, and gave himself up to a simple life of devotion to the divine will, as he spontaneously manifested in him.

An immense peace entered into his being that has accompanied him ever since. For the next six years, Mooji lived in oblivion of the external reality he had known before, like everyone else. It was his sister Julianne who gave him this life of natural meditation, of constant inner joy and contentment. She took him up to his home and gave him the time and space he needed to manifest his awakening spirituality. She kept him away from the usual pressures and demands of external life.

It was his “wilderness years,” as he himself reports, when he was put on the lap of God. This time was by no means easy, but it speaks of a life stage full of blessing, full of grace, trust and loving devotion. It was in late 1993 when he traveled to India. Mooji is a great worshiper of Sri Ramakrishna, the great Bengali saint. So it was a matter of heart to travel to Dakshineswar in Calcutta, where the great Bengali saint lived and taught.

Mooji deeply loved Sri Ramakrishna and his words were a great source of encouragement and inspiration in the early years of his spiritual development. But everything should be different. A fateful encounter in Rishikesh, a sacred place at the foot of the Himalayas, eventually led him to Lucknow. Three worshipers of the great advaita master Sri HWL Poonja urged Mooji to follow their invitation to visit Papaji. Mooji was very impressed by her persistence.

After some detours, he finally arrived at the end of November 1993 in Indira Nagar in Lucknow. There he finally met Sri Poonja and made one of the most significant experiences on his spiritual journey. Gradually, Mooji recognized his Guru in the fully enlightened Master, a living Buddha. He stayed at his side for several months. Papaji made a satsang one day and said to him, “If you want to be one with the truth, you have to disappear completely.” Great anger then arose in Mooji’s mind, and he decided to leave him with resentment and judgment against Papaji. But that same day, the dark emotions of the rebellion vanished and his mind fell into a state of perfect peace, emptiness and love for his Master, so that he stayed with him.

Through Papaji his mind was led into the emptiness of the spring. With the blessing of his Master, he traveled in 1994 to Tiruvannamalai, to the Sri Ramanasramam Ashram. It is located at the foot of the Arunchala, where Sri Ramana Maharshi, Papaji’s guru, lived and worked. Mooji was very happy there and felt at home in this place. He spent almost three months there before returning to Papaji. Shortly thereafter, he received the news from his home that his eldest son had unexpectedly died of pneumonia. Immediately Mooji returned to London.

Quotes from Mooji

“You do not see the world as it is, you see the world the way you are.”

“Self-exploration is the mirror in which the Eternal Self recognizes itself – by looking through this mirror, you will immediately know who you really are, not who your body is, who you think you are or who you believe to be no, through this seeing reveals a direct nondual perception of your self.”

“You ask, ‘What is the point of being free when there is no taste?’ All beings are addicted to the taste of experience: the contrast, the friction, the tension, the unpredictability, the drama, the promise, you even love the failure, the sages enjoy in a purer way, without attachment, without addiction, without desire, without need, without comparison”

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