Tamera Healing Biotope and Peace Research Center

Tamera is located in Portugal close to the town of Odemira. The project has an extensive homepage and it is amazing how similar our objektives in Shambala Center are to theirs. Shambala Center and Tamera alike have a clear vision to create a peaceful world by sharing knowledge to the next generation and being an example of sustainable growth.


Tamera - Peace Center

Tamera is a community founded in 1995 in Alentejo, Portugal. The contributors describe the project as “Peace Research Center” and “Healing Biotope”.

There live about 170 people mostly from Germany and other European countries. The focus is on the development and testing of a model for peaceful coexistence [2] between humans, animals and nature, the pursuit of sustainable energy and food and the implementation of the idea of ​​free love. Dieter Duhm is one of the main personalities behind the project, often quoted on his ideas.

Sepp Holzer Permaculture Water Retention, Portugal

In 2007, work began on establishing a water retention landscape, a measure designed to reverse the onset of desertification. The design of the permaculture water landscape comes from the Austrian mountain farmer Sepp Holzer. Sepp Holzer can be said to be running one of the first permaculture centers. In the mountains he has converter a monoculture forest into a lush froit forest garden, with many lakes and natural shelters for wild life.

Sunpulse Solar Stirling engine in Tamera, Portugal

In the solar village there is a Stering engine on display. The Sterling works both with pressure from the heating of a medium in conjunction with suction created from the cooling of a medium. This engine is very efficient and can be used as a way to create energy without causing over heating or using expensive rare materials as solar panels does. The engine it self can as well as creating electrical energy also work as a water pump, cooling the engine while at the same time watering the landscape.

Peace Civilization and Peace Workers

Tamera is trying to create a “peace civilization”. Since 2009 there is a one-year course to bacome a “peace worker”. One focus of this peace work is the Israel-Palestine conflict. Visitors from Israel and Palestine regularly come to Tamera to search together for possible solutions. The introduction to the “peace worker”, the summer courses and other events also serve to finance the village community and its infrastructure.

Tamera sees itself as part of an international peace movement. By building a settlement model with social and environmental sustainability and non-violence, a “field building” of peace should take place. The political theory of Duhm thus relies on the assumption of the existence of morphic fields of the English biologist Rupert Sheldrake, an approach that is characterized by critics as esoteric.

Free Love Healing the Sexuality

Crucial for Tamera is the idea of ​​”free love”. This means a love between lovers without jealousy, fear of loss, claims to property, neediness and dissimulation. To realize the idea of ​​free love between one or more love partners, trust within the community is of paramount importance. Self-expression methods are used in Tamera, a form of authentic representation of emotional processes.

Among other things, Tamera maintains the “Global Campus”, the “SolarVillage”, the “Youth School for Global Learning”, the “Institute for Global Peace Work” and is working on the creation of a “Children’s Community”. As the first “healing biotope” Tamera should be an “acupuncture point of peace” (Dieter Duhm). The healing should be the relation of man to nature and creation, love and sexuality and community.

Tamera Solar Village