Shambala Retreat Center Portugal

The Shambala Retreat Center is located in Algarve near the west coast of Portugal. The land is hidden away in a beautiful valley filled with life and lush nature ans surrounded by mountains. Here we practice Peaceful communication, Zen-Buddhism, Chi Gong, Tantra and Shamanistic Ceremonies. All deeply rooted in the Shambala tradition. It is possible to come here for a private retreat and deepen yourself in your own practice or join a course or retreat. It is a nature paradise with simple huts and tents, compost toilets, clear water from the mountain springs and the river.

The name Shambala has a mystical origin and is believed to be a city hidden away in the mountains near China. The myths tell a story of an enlightened society where all the people shared the resources and everyone had time to enjoy life, study and develop themselves. The lord Buddha went to Shambala and taught the highest tantra to the king who then made this knowledge available to everyone. But as the world around Shambala was falling into wars and conflict the city of Shambala disappeared from the world and started to prepare it self for the dark ages ahead. The legends tells us that when the whole world has been conquered and there is only one master left, at that time Shambala will re-emerge and a army of Spiritual Warriors will rise and restore the balance one again. We believe that this time is near.

The Shambala Center in Portugal is a reflection of that mystical kingdom and aims to in a smal but important way help our society to transform itself by sharing the time-less knowledge of the Yoga Tantra. Mikael Ananda Cromsjö is the founder and main leader of the activities in Shambala. He has been practicing tantra since the age of seven, guided by a inner intuitive master. His father was a Martial Arts teacher and gave a early insight into the Japanese traditions. Ananda has also been practicing Zen Buddhism with Roshi Sante Sensei for several years and undergone many silent meditation retreats.

The highest tantra is a formless form. It is not possible to reach the one mind by imitating the masters. You can only reach so far by following forms created by others. The masters knew this and made their own forms according to their own intuitive knowledge. The true teaching is found inside yourself. Just as the masters of old found the systems that has been practiced until this day, you can find them as well. Only then will the practice lead you to your destination, as we all have our own path to go. In Shambala we aim to help people to find their own intuitive way with the help of simple but powerful meditations and ceremonies.