Shambala Warrior Training

Shambala Warrior Training

Portugal, Aljezur 2018



Mondays and Tuesdays 12:00 and 16:00 there will be guided meditation and chi-gong. The session is about 1.5 hours you can stay for both sessions. There will be food served around 14:00.

The meditation and Chi Gong is based on a intuitive tradition where we observe the energies in our bodys and move them/follow them to gain strengt and balance our energies. We will also gather energy with full belly breathing and find our natural breathing, ground our self and find our centers.

You can stay for the whole time or for a few days as you like. We will be camping in the beautiful lush nature and meditate in the shade of the trees by the river. You can bring your own camping equipment/camper or stay in one of our tent or the tipi if you book in advance. We have a simple outside kitchen where we will serve food every day. Everything is based on donation with a recommendation of around 15 – 30€ per day. There are also possibilities to help us with the work as part of the donation.


We offer a place to camp in nature, vegan food and access to water. We have simple compost toilets but no showers. There is no power or Internet. If you have a van or want to stay in one of our tents please contact us before coming.

To get to the Shambala Center you can take your car there or walk from Aljezur. It is about 7 kilometers. See map.

From Aljezur go towards Marmelette in the roundabout. After the first hill and right before the bridge over the river, take a left (There are green trash cans there and post boxes). Follow the main road following the river for 5 km. Shambala is after Cerca dos Pomares. When you see a sign with the text SHAMBALA you are in the right place. If you se a sign with the text Varzea Gancala you are going to far. Follow the river and do not try to cross the mountains.

For more information and booking email

Mikael Ananda

The sound of water next to my bed is Dharma for my ears.