Visiting Shambala

Welcome to visit Shambala Training Camp.

Shambala is located in a beautiful valley in the south of Portugal. We opened in 2018 and are in a build up stage. You can join Mikael Ananda in the Shambala Vision Training program and work on building up the project. We are looking for more people to stay on the land to help with training and organization. There are usually around 2-6 people staying for training. We do meditation, chi-gong breath work and other practices as well as talk about social issues, train how to communicate with empathy and organize larger groups for activism. We also work the land and plant trees, make swales and build clay huts.



We have a camping area and provide some tents and blankets. We make vegan food together in a outside kitchen. Compost toilets and simple outside shower.



We offer you to stay in the camping area, join our training, get personal coaching and eat healthy vegan food in exchange for contributions. The project is non for profit and is operated on donations. To support the project and its teachers we accept contributions from everyone who are able. We recommend a contribution of 10 € or more per day for the first week. This will enable us to continue building the training center, plant new trees and more. If you stay a longer time we will talk about how you can contribute and find a way that fits all.

Contact if you want to visit or join the training.

Shambala Training Program


To go to Shambala Center from Aljezur


How to get to Aljezur from Faro and Lisabon