Shambala Kingdom Online

Shambala Kingdom Online gives you the possibility to actively participate in the creation of a real world spiritual warrior community. The goal is to create a thriving training center that produces knights with the skills and power to start their own circles of trust. Together we will co-create a network of earth protectors and create an enlightened society.

With future updates you will be able to follov the advance of the project in almost real time (we are off grid and without internet at this time). You can give advice on future activities, invest in the kingdom, fund specific projects and also gain access to videos, book and other material. You can also visit the training center in Portugal and participate in the training and building of Shambala.

The Shambala project is totally non profit. All property, inventory and future earnings are fully and totally dedicated to the Shambala vision of restoring the balance of the earth. The project is owned by the Shambala Trust and is led by Mikael Ananda Cromsjö.

To support our cause we encourage you to give a large gift. Take a chance to do good and support something great. You can participate in the peace revolution. Everyone who supports the project will receive special gifts and also Shambala coins.

Direct Payment

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A sigle donation of any amount

Bank Transfer

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