THE AWAKENING is happening. We are close to establishing a critical mass of people who understand THE TRUTH about the CORRUPTION of the HIDDEN POWERS. That there is NO DEMOCRACY in the world today and that the BANKS ARE CONTROLLING the society by creating credits and directing development. They are using their CONTROL OF THE MASS MEDIA to SPREAD FALSE INFORMATION to the population in an attempt to HIDE THEIR CRIMES. The result is the MASSIVE SUFFERING and the DESTRUCTION OF THE EARTH RESOURCES.

The TRUTH REVOLUTION is coming near but the hidden powers will not give up without a fight. They will put all their last power into controlling the population. To do so they need to CONTROL THE INTERNET, SILENCE THE OPPOSITION and CREATE FEAR AND PANIC in an attempt to CREATE TOTAL CONTROL. They have no other option as THEY ARE AFRAID of what will happen when we TAKE BACK OUR POWER.

We have a great opportunity now TO SPREAD AWARENESS in a time of need. There is a solution and we can create harmony and abundance on the planet. Spead the news as fast and wide as possible to reach the critical mass. The outcome of our actions today will SET THE FATE OF OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS. This is our chance. We have to establish a network that can EXPAND RAPIDLY, and SHARE THE TRUTH about the situation and help to establish a TRUE DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM.


Reach out to all your friends and openly explain the problem and the GREAT POSSIBILITY that we have right now. We need to FOCUS ON THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES. The CORE ISSUES are DEMOCRACY, BANKS, MEDIA, and RESOURCES. The good news is that WE CAN END THIS NOW. We are many and TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG. We can create a NEW ERA of peace, freedom, and abundance for all.


Invite everyone that you meet to JOIN YOUR CIRCLE. The circles are the cornerstones of the revolution and will be used for creating real democracy and organize larger actions. Work together as a team to SPREAD THE MESSAGE and RECRUIT NEW PEOPLE to the circles. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG. When you are more than six people you will SPLIT THE CIRCLE into two circles. One person will be part of both circles and in this way, the circles will spread while staying connected. Six people are the optimal number for effective meetings and actions. NEVER HAVE A CIRCLE WITH MORE THAN SIX PEOPLE. In this way, the network can not be infiltrated nor destroyed. The circles split like a living cell and will grow in every direction. This will increase the spread of THE MESSAGE fast and reach new segments of society.


We need to create an organization to oversee and secure the implementation of a new democracy, a new bank, a new media and a new way of managing our resources. This step is important as THE HIDDEN POWER WILL OFFER THEIR SOLUTION to the problem and ask for more power to implement it. THE FRACTAL is the way that we will organize ourselves. Six circles will join together to form a cluster. Representatives from each circle will meet to share information and discuss their plans. They can also choose to act together to have a larger impact. The fractal can continue to grow to any size by creating larger clusters by combining six clusters and so on. With time this organization will be the backbone of the new democracy and the main channel for getting reliable information. With the power of the people connected in the fractal, we can uncover the truth, bring forth solutions to our problems and make sure that our governments implement them. In time our governments will incorporate the fractal structure in all parts of society.


As fractal democracy is a reality we can as people chose our destiny. We can create a new bank that does not charge interest on loans, agriculture that does not pollute our earth, shared ownership of natural resources, freedom for individuals to act with minimal bureaucracy and limit the accumulation of wealth. WE CAN CREATE A WORLD OF PEACE AND FREEDOM!

Unite the People – Awake the Spirit