April 11, 2024

The Awakened Warrior

Creating an Enlightened Society through Nonviolent Communication, Political Activism, Meditation, Shamanic Ceremonies, and Community Organization

The Awakened Warrior is the autobiography of Mikael Ananda Cromsjö. Mikael has been practicing meditation since he was six years old and has gone through a series of profound awakenings. In 2004, he became a political activist and a central figure in the Swedish truth movement. In this book, he combines spiritual and political awakenings to form a blueprint for becoming a spiritual warrior and creating an enlightened society.

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The Awakened Warrior

This is a story about the awakening of my inner master and the rise of a new tradition and teaching. It unfolds from a series of intuitive nightly meditations starting in my early childhood. A practice that serves as a gateway to transformative experiences. Delving deep into my mind during these introspective moments, a profound awakening takes root. The mystical experience brings about a cascade of events that shape my understanding of the world and my place within it.

My awakening compelled me to confront the corruption hiding in the shadows of our existence. The grave deceit of the material world thrust me into the role of a political activist, destined to uproot evil at any cost and against formidable odds. As my spirit is tested and refined, the foundation for the awakened warrior becomes clear.

A fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary revelations adds to an evolving understanding of the world. The sacred intuitive teaching grows and clarifies with each new experience, weaving into a new tradition that provides answers on how to live a meaningful life. It also outlines a path to create an enlightened society where economy, decision-making, technology, and spirituality can harmoniously serve all of mankind. It offers a blueprint for social reform with a unique and direct approach to actually creating a new society within our lifetime.

This book is for people interested in social justice and possessing a burning desire to make something meaningful out of their lives, as well as for individuals with a deep longing for authentic spiritual work. It lays out the core teachings that will plant a seed in the hearts of those who are ready. This is the start of a long journey towards becoming an awakened warrior.

Thank you for everything you share in this writing that you have chosen to call “The Awakened Warrior”. It is truly a powerful story you tell, a story about a boy who gains deep insights about existence early on, unfortunately in an environment and culture that does not promote or support what lies outside the norm.

When I read your book, I realize that throughout my own journey, I have actually always had brothers and sisters out there who have also “fought” against convention; I just didn’t know it. Thank you for your courage and strength in putting into words the sense of alienation that many of us, so-called spiritual individuals, have experienced during our younger years!

It is very liberating to read when you (dare to) talk about your sexual awakening and tantra in your book. You also share insights about dance and psychedelics, and many other paths that our bodies can guide us towards the light. The light, which you so beautifully describe as a door or portal whose threshold should not be crossed until “the awakened warrior” is ready—ready to die, ready to live.

I also feel that with this beautiful text, you inspire others to start sharing their life stories. We all have unique paths and stories that have brought us to this NOW. When we accept our journey and stand completely naked in the truth, we free ourselves from karma. Thank you for inspiring, Mikael, thank you for living the wisdom.

– Eric Amarillo, Sound Healer

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