Mt. Shambala Nature Ashram

Blessings Brothers and Sisters of the Way

To be back in Shambala is like a Dream come true. The beauty looking out over the mountains and seeing the wind playing with the leaves is astonishing, to say the least.

After being away from Shambala for a long time it felt natural to take some time to look inside and realigning myself with my true purpose. I set out on a journey through ceremonies and deep meditation to find back to the source.

The vision for Shambala is to invite more people for practice. I open the doors for people to stay longer and become a part of Mount Shambala Nature Ashram. I will continue teaching The Way of the Warrior with Yoga, Tantra, Healing, and Qigong. I will also invite more teachers to come and share their practices with a focus on healing dance and music. You can come here for shorter or longer stays and I will offer you everything that I can to provide you with support on your path.

On Sundays, we will have an open day in Shambala. We start at 13.00 with qigong and yoga. 14.00 we have a talk with questions and answers about the way of the warrior and 15.00 we will have a guided meditation. Please check on for updates on times and dates.

We are preparing for the New Earth Healing Gathering where we will come together in celebration and ceremony to unite the tribe of light beings. The preliminary date is at the end of September for two weeks ending on the full moon of October.

If you want to get deeper into the path of the warrior I offer coaching and spiritual mentoring both in Shambala and online.

I am also starting to offer tantric healing sessions and classes. My intention is to provide a safe space where deep healing can occur and where we can break through our limitations and become who we already are.


The wind and the mountains playing with each other. The Buddha Mind blows the doors wide open. There is nothing more to say or do.


Love and Light
Mikael Ananda
Mt. Shambala