One People, One Plan!


People are now waking up to the many crimes against humanity that are carried out in front of our eyes. The resistance is getting stronger and now we are uniting our forces under one banner of peace and sovereignty. We are creating a true deep democratic movement that can not be infiltrated, controlled, or corrupted. A movement that organizes itself using decentralized circles that are inter-connected and can both act independently and co-operate on a large scale. We unite under a common plan that we co-create and continue to develop in our circles. The core of the plan in to create a common voice that will call to restore sovereignty to our people using peaceful action and create a new society where we can have good health, personal freedom, quality education, a stable economy and have sustainable development.

Organizing the People using Fractal Circles

To create an effective decentralized network we use a simple technique called fractal circles. It is a method to communicate and co-operate in larger networks and create massive responses quickly. It is fully decentralized without any leader while at the same time creating temporary center circles that can direct action based on the decision from the whole network. The principles for creating a fractal network are:

Split all groups and meetings into smaller circles of about six people each. This optimizes the communication so that everyone has the time to get heard and makes sure that no one can disrupt or create conflicts in the larger group. Each circle is sovereign and can work independently and focus on the issues that are most important to them and at the same time cooperate with other circles that share the same objectives.

Join up to six smaller circles together in a fractal by selecting one trustee for each circle to represent the group. The higher circle will remain small and effective and can suggest common actions for all circles in the fractal. Each circle can choose a new trustee for every meeting and in this way, there is no permanent concentration of power that can be corrupted.
The fractal network can scale to any size by joining up to six smaller fractals together into a larger fractal. This can continue until all circles are connected and the best ideas and the most trusted people are joined in a central circle. From here recommendations for massive action can be announced and the tasks can be distributed and delegated down the fractal network.

Uniting under One Plan using Strategic Overviews

To create a common plan of action we use a structure that we call a strategic overview. The overview contains the combined knowledge of the network and offers a clear direction and demonstrates our common values, our understanding, and our goals. To unite under a common plan secures that no one can disrupt, corrupt, or in other ways compromise our movement. This is the voice of the people and we unite together to realize the plans that it contains. To create a strategic overview each circle answers four questions:

What are the Symptoms of the Problem? What are the negative symptoms that affect you and are causing you problems? Here we look at evident problems that have a direct impact on us. Symptoms are objective facts that can easily be proven and that does not rely on beliefs. Compare to the symptoms that you would tell your doctor when you are sick.

What is the Cause of the problems? What do you believe are the root causes that create the problems in the first case? Here we look at your beliefs about how the problems manifest and people might have different opinions. Compare to the doctor making a diagnosis of what is causing your illness.

What is your Vision for the Future? How would you like to see our new society when we are in power? Here we offer our ideas on sound practices for how we can create a world in abundance where humans, animals, and nature can live in harmony, peace, and happiness together.

What is your Plan of Action? What are the next steps that we can do in our circles and in our networks to move closer to our vision? Here we share practical actions that we can do now. We look at what we can do in our circle to promote our own well being. We look at what we can do in our local community. We look at what we can do together on a global level.
Once your circle has made a common strategic overview you can directly start realizing the first steps of your plan. When we join together in a fractal each overview will be merged together and all common ideas will be presented in a new strategic overview that can direct the actions of the whole fractal.
Join the movement for peace and sovereignty! Together we will create a new sound and sensible society.

One People, Plan!