March 7, 2020

Online Resources

The Shambala Vision is a dream of a world in harmony. Where people from all walks of life join together to strive for what is good in time of need. The Shambala Vision is as old as time, found in ancient scriptures and coming fourth in vivid dreams and memories from distant pasts.

We have created a set of tools and a structure that creates a vehicle for transformation. It is holistic and integral, dynamic and forever self-improving. Here everyone is a leader in a decentralized coherent structure that you are an important part of.

On you can be a part of the great awakening and study the vision as well as contributing to the future of the realization of that vision. We offer you all the tools that we have, freely and openly.

Online Archive

Study in the online archive of writings about the Shambala Vision, the Strategic Overview,  and the Dynamic Fractal Organizations. You can also listen to Videos and Talks.

Online Training

You can join online training in a Shambala Circle to study and practice together with other people with the guidance and coaching from a qualified teacher. You can also get online Personal Coaching with Mikael Ananda.