Shambala Circles

This is an online coaching course for people who want to make a positive change in the world. To walk the path of the Hero. This is the time to join together and multiply our strength.

☯ I want you to have the best possible opportunity to get the most out of your life. We can all benefit from support from others to give us the extra strength to do the things that we really want to do, but do not manage to do all by ourselves. That is why I want to offer you to join a circle of lightworkers, who like you also want that little extra push.

☸ Together we are stronger and can help each other. By having other people to share our dreams and goals with, we instantly get more strength and clarity. Just by hearing other people share their own dreams you get new hope and faith in our inner divine power. We need to believe in magic and miracles. To believe in our common dream of love and light. A dream that is within our reach, when we believe in it together.

💎 I offer you the tools that I have found in my own life. How to listen and talk from the heart. A power, so great that you can become relaxed even when you talk about subjects that you normally would be afraid of mentioning. How to experience Love that is without attachment. Love that is bringing you closer to the present moment and into the power of ecstasy. How to live a simple and rich life that gives you more free time and more wealth. How to dream big, make plans and see them trough. You will get all the tools you need to become a great spiritual warrior.

🌈 New circles are starting when there are six new people ready. Together you will study material, practice coaching with each other, share your progress and connect together. The first months will be guided by a teacher. After that, you will be able to continue the circle by yourself. You will learn how to coach and support each other and how to become teachers yourselves and start and lead new circles.

To join a circle you connect with a teacher and get instant access to study material. To participate I ask for a gift every week for the first 8 weeks. This can be a monetary gift and help with promoting the circles.

Each week will have a topic for discussion, study material and a homework assignment that you present to the circle. you will also give and receive coaching with a partner. At times there will be sharing circles and questions and answers circles. You can also ask questions directly to the teacher and get personal answers.

You will manage your hours and you can study and do the exercises when you have time. There will be group sharings once in a while that you can join if you have the possibility. The coaching sessions you will book yourself so everyone can join even if you have a busy schedule. We will also work on time management in the circles, so you will notice that you will be able to get more free time in your life.

You will need to commit to participating at least 2 hours per week for 4 weeks and it is important for the circle that you follow through if you start.

We will look at:

How to find work that makes you happy
How to get more free time
How to follow through on your dreams
How to be a fast learner
How to transform negative feelings
How to become a leader
How to empower people
How to solve society’s problems

You can sign up for the group coaching without cost to get more information, material to study as well as the schedule and course outline.


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Love and light to you, the family of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Rainbow Warriors.
Mikael Ananda


Together we can shine stronger than ever
Together we can find divine inspiration
Together we can create miracles




Healing Warrior Circle

What is a Spiritual Warrior? 
Study material: The Shambala Vision – The Tradition
Access to material and the online sharing room
Questions and answers

Pressentation of yourself
Study material: My path in life
Sharing of a 5 to 10-minute audio/video or writing about yourself and why you joined the circle

What is Your Dream?
Study material: Shambala Coaching
Coaching: Connect in pairs and exchange 10 minutes of deep listening

What is Your Problem?
Study material: Positive Communicating, Reflective Work.

Planning for Perfection
Study material: Coaching, Getting things done
Coaching – Make a plan for your day

Just do it, Remember your practice

Celebration of your Acomplishment
Connecting the Circle

After the initial eight weeks, the program will continue with new material depending on the interest of the group with a focus on communication and coaching as basic tools.

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