Shambala Order of the Eternal Sun

The Order of the Eternal Sun

The Path to the Eternal Sun

The now is the eternal mind. Observe her and you will see everything. Put her wisdom into practice and master life.

This is a path of self-transformation. This is the story of life. This is the creation of a better world.

I write from a deep understanding. An understanding that I can not comprehend. But I know it is true. Because I feel it in my heart. This is a dharma treasure, an offering from the masters, from our ancestors, from the source of knowledge, from the universe, from the eternal mother. I write this without knowing where it will lead. I have asked for guidance and now I am ready to begin the next chapter.

This is the path of the warrior. The rainbow warrior, that protects life and create balance in the world and in the heart. In this book, I will give you guidance from start to finish. How to get on the path, how to sustain the practice, and how to master life.

The warrior monk is full of play. He knows that this word is full of joy. The sword stands next to the three. Always ready to move.

You have come here to learn the way. I will be direct and to the point. Most people are not destined for walking the way of the Eternal Sun. The way of the White Riders and to follow the ancient path of the White Lotus. You are all welcome to learn from these teachings, to practice them, and understand it. For you who have been drawn to this teaching because that it resonates with your path. You, who are destined to walk the path. I welcome you like brothers and sisters into the order.

This knowledge has been showing itself in different forms and shapes for a long time. Now it appears again and even more colors and places. The time is upon us and the signs are appearing. This is the end game. A clash between the old and the new. The entering of a new cycle. We are here to make this transition as smooth as possible. We have a mission on earth. That is why we walk the path of the Hero. To serve and protect the world, to create balance, to manifest peace, to heal the earth.

Trought this book I will give you keys on how to unlock the doors into your own hearth and to fully become who you are destined to be. This will be a great journey not only of you but for the writer of this book, who as you will follow all the steps, and ask the questions that are on your minds.

I write this book as an expression of an inner knowing. I do not understand what is coming from my own life and experience and what arrives from other sources, trough dreams, ceremonies meditation, and insights. What I know is that I am also looking for answers. I come here in front of the gates of the temple. Not knowing  where it will lead, but knowing that it is my destiny to enter.