The United Awakening


ONE PEOPLE, ONE PLAN. We are co-creating a common plan and organic organization that unites us in our actions, secures our independence and promotes and attracts new people to the cause. When we unite together as one people there is nothing to stop us from creating the future that we want.


We are creating regular fractal meetings both online and locally to discuss and share our knowledge in small independent circles of six persons. Each circle creates their own strategic plan by choosing the most important problems that we face, the causes for the problems, your vision of the solution, and a plan on what you can do locally and globally.

To create a common plan together, six circles go together to share their strategic plan with each other and find the most important issues that you all share. This process continues to form a fractal network of circles and a common plan to direct our action. Together we can share one voice of the love revolution


We are approaching a critical time as people are waking up to the corruption of the current system. The banking system and political systems of the world are being exposed. To counter a revolution the old powers are controlling the mass media as well as the alternative media to propagate false news. At the same time, they are preparing a worldwide control system using technology like digital identification, forced medication and are limiting our rights to freely travel and assemble using many false narratives.


People have been controlled through mass manipulation of the media for a long time. By centralizing decision-making and disconnecting people from each other and nature we are losing our power to cooperate and instead create a flock mentality of followers.

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A international project to create a decentralized network and to create a common master plan.

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