Healing Sexuality

The sacred art of love making has been known in many ancient cultures. This knowledge is available to you right now and can increase you health, happiness, endurance and sexual pleasure. By following the simple practices, you will start to get aware of your body, and by listening carefully to the subtle feelings within yourself you will be able to intuitively find your natural flow and open up to new heights of ecstasy.


Full stomach breathing

By controlling your breath you prepare yourself to be able to stay focused and calm in the midst of overwhelming sensations, like a mountain in a blistering storm.

Slowly breath in, filling your whole belly with air. Notice the space in between your inhale and exhale and then even more slowly release all the air, gently squeezing out the last air with your stomach muscles. Notice the space in between exhale and inhale and draw another breath. Continue breathing like this for a while.

Experiment with different kinds of breaths from short and fast breaths to shallow soft breaths. Try holding your breath and wait as long as you can. Then release and just let go and carefully follow your natural intuitive breathing.

Practice breathing every night before going to sleep, and as often as you can remember do the full stomach breathing during the day until it becomes the natural breathing for you.

Heighten your awareness

The longer you focus on one sensation that feeling will grow and expand until it totally absorbs your whole being and throws you into a state of complete bliss.

Lie down in bed and start doing the full stomach breathing. Place your hands on your belly and focus your undivided attention on the feeling of the stomach rising and falling. When you notice any thoughts arise in your mind, pay no attention to it and bring your focus back to your breathing.

After a while move your focus to the feeling of your body, starting from the tip of your head and move your attention slowly down your body. Always returning to the calm and steady breath as soon as you lose your focus.

Experiment by moving your attention to other places, like a rhythmic sound in the distance, the flow of blood in your veins or the ringing sound in your ears. Let your focus wander as it pleases on to any experience that arises and let yourself become one with the moment

Letting go of desire

Your desires create suffering when you crave to have more than you have or want to get rid of what you do not like. Appreciating what is, is the way to enjoy life fully.

Lie down in bed and start doing the full stomach breathing. Gently let your hands move over your body and focus on the sensations that you experience. After a while continue by letting your hands move towards your genitals and concentrate on the feelings and reactions that you experience. Feel the activation in your genitals at the sexual energy rises. Then lessen your touch and feel your genital become more relaxed again. Experiment with visualizing a beautiful sexual image, like a naked woman sitting on top of yourself. Feel how your genitals reacts, and then let go again and feel the genitals soften. Follow the waves of excitement up and down without clinging to the longing of going further. Relax your whole body and return back to the breath.

Circulate and building energy

When you feel your sexual energy getting strong you can start moving that energy out of the genitals and into your body.

Relax your body and start the full stomach breathing. As you breath in imagine how positive energies are filling your body to give you power, positivity and calmness. Breath out and let go all used and negative energy. Continue breathing in this way for a while.

As you breath out completely, softly squeeze and pull up the muscles at the root of your lingam and anus to make a root lock. Then focus on the feeling of energy flowing up your spine and into your head. Continue breathing like this until you feel a buzzing feeling in your head.

You can also do the root lock when you have your lungs full, releasing it as your lungs are empty. Experiment and feel what is right to you.

You can locate and strengthen these muscles by practicing to stop the flow of your urine when taking a pee. Be sure to do the root lock very softly not to cause pain in your genitals or your head. After practicing for some time you will be able to feel a rush of energy to your head.

Then as you breath in you let the energy fall down into your stomach and store it in your belly. To help the energy to fall down from your head, let your tongue touch the top of your mouth about a centimeter behind your front teeth.

Experiment with different breathing doing the root look at different times and following the energy flowing trough your body.

Extended Orgasm

When you build up your sexual energy slowly and firmly it will become so strong that it will release itself as a pillar of white light through the top of your head.

Imagine a cliff that you are running towards. The view is breathtaking and to stand on the edge of the cliff high over the ocean below is like having an ecstatic orgasm, but to run over the edge is like ejaculating.

Practice bringing up the sexual energy as high as possible without passing the edge where you are not able to prevent ejaculating anymore. To do this you have to move slowly and steadily. Follow the waves of excitement closer and closer, not going too fast. As you approach the edge use your breath as a support and start circulating the energy. Empty your mind and focus all your attention on the sensations.

With practice, this will eventually lead you to be able to stand totally still on the edge, relaxing your whole body, breathing slowly and feeling the experience of the energy flowing up your spine in an ecstatic orgasm that can continue for an extended amount of time.

The seed of life

When you ejaculate you release a lot of energy from your system and can leave you very tired, but If you withdraw before having to ejaculate you will feel even stronger than before.

You do not need to ejaculate too have an orgasm as the orgasm comes just before the point of ejaculation. Many old sages believe in not ejaculating more than a few times every month if at all. This can be accomplished if you have the discipline to stop the sexual intercourse and calm yourself down and relax you body just as in the practice of letting go of desires.

Massage your testicles and the root of your lingam to free any sexual tension and release it into your body. Circulate the sexual energy softly and follow your breath.

Another way to minimize the loss of energy is to practice to stop the semen from escaping your body by blocking the flow of semen with the pressure of your fingers. Put three fingers in-between your testicles and your anus. There you can feel the root of the lingam inside of your body. By putting pressure on this point you can block the semen from coming out, much like blocking a hose from pouring water. Be careful not to push to hard and experiment where it feels best to put the pressure. When you have succeeded fully there will be no semen coming out and afterwards.

The union of man and woman

In every woman there is a goddess of love and pureness. By giving your dedicated and unselfish service to her she will radiate as the sun and nourish everyone in her path.

Before you can meet a woman in bed you need to awaken the sexual energy within her. This is done by giving her your attention during the day. Look her in the eyes and enjoy her beauty, caress her and whisper sweet words in her ears. As her sexual energy rises you follow along teasing her, never going to fast and waiting for her to want more. As you come closer to each other start by gently touching and kissing the neck, ears and run your fingers through her heir. Work yourselves slowly down the back, massaging her softly with you fingers. Tease her by first advancing a little and then taking a step back. As she invites you further start caressing her butt and breasts and the area around the vagina but taking care not to go further until she begs you to proceed.

You are her servant and you follow her every signal. You stay calm and breath slowly not trying to excite yourself to much. At the same time make her feel relaxed and calm by saying thing such as, “Relax and enjoy”, “I will take care of you” and “calm down and breath slowly”.

Sexual communication

To become a great lover you need to be able to understand the level of excitement that your partner feels. To do so you need to listen to the subtle sounds and movements that she makes as you caress her. In this way you know when to increase the intensity and when to calm down. To make it easier to understand each other you can create a language where you can communicate your feelings with sounds and gestures. To moan and to gently scratch the partner is both exciting and good ways of telling that you want more. To make short sounds of hurt will tell that you want it softer. You can also say what you long for by saying slower, faster, giving short directions and showing how you want to be touched to maximize your pleasure. When you are fully in tuned to your partner you can come to feel what she feels and directly know what is needed from you without any words spoken. Many women that I have met have a desire for this and want this communication to be unspoken and automatic, but this can not happen until you are synchronized and open to each other. The sexual communication is a way to create that bond.

Your mission is to bring your woman to the edge of the cliff taking care not to push her over the edge. Woman like men can also get extended and multiple orgasms but unlike men, if they are pushed over the edge they can often come back after a short pause ready for the next orgasm. By listening carefully to your partner you will be able to help her to reach new levels of excitement.

Give and take

After having caressed your partner until she is ready and wants you to penetrate her you can change the attention towards yourself by asking her to caress and kiss you. By letting her give the attention to you for a while she will be able to receive fully when the time for penetration comes, and you will have the time to get into the sexual energy so that you are ready to continue.

Make sure you are not too aroused at any time. The lingam should not become so hard that it hurts. To calm down, return to your breathing and circulate the energy in your body. Make sure you communicate what you feel and help her to touch the lingam the way you like. You can also take some time to excite yourself in any way that you like. As long as you make sure that she is enjoying it, she is only going to get even more excited.

Let go of pressure

When making love you do not have to deliver anything but your full attention. Follow and enjoy the waves of excitement without craving for more than you have. Let go of your desires, worry and stress and return to your breathing. Be confident in yourself knowing that neither you or your partner needs to come to an orgasm to enjoy the beauty of lovemaking.

All women are different in the way that they come to an orgasm, some need to touch themselves, others want you to do it. Some want to come to an orgasm during penetration, some want it before. You can not know what your partner needs and can not take on the responsibility for her orgasm. All you can do is to make sure that you will do your best to give your attention to her needs before you reach your own orgasm.

If you have difficulties getting an erection, just relax and let your lingam get hard in its own time by caressing it against the vagina. If needed you can apply a pressure around the base of the lingam by forming a ring with your fingers right under the testicles. By being on top you will also get more blood into your lingam. Remember that you do not need to perform, only to give your loving attention.

Get into the rhythm

When entering the vagina take it slow. Do not rush it but start getting into the breathing. It is easy to be overtaken by lust, wanting to accelerate. Instead relax and put your full attention to the subtle sensations while continuing to caress and serving your partner.

Keep a steady and slow rhythm following a basic pattern of several shorter thrusts and then one longer. When you are becoming more sensitive try making rotating smaller movements and press your lingam against the inside of her. You can also try alternating doing some faster thrusts and then returning to slower again.

If you are getting too hard during penetration try making a root lock as you are in an outwards movement. When you do this your excitement will lessen and you will gain control again. If you are getting too soft try making a root lock as you are thrusting deeper. In this way you will be able to have a steady rhythm and build up you sexual energy with great control.

Extended orgasm together

To be able to come to multiple and extended orgasms together you need work as a team. When the sexual excitement gets higher approaching the orgasm you need to calm down together and begin circulating your energy. Both you and your partner can use the same method of circulating and building up sexual energy. Slow down, breath and ride the wave of sensation.

As you practice more, the experience will increase in power and you can feel the energy bursting up over and over again through the top of your head. This can continue until you choose to back off and start cooling down. The sensations can easily become too strong in the beginning throwing you over the edge of the cliff into ejaculation. In time you will be able to master but until then you can use the three finger lock to prevent loss of your energy.

End your lovemaking by caressing each other, circulating the energy and massaging yourself to release any sexual energy still left in your genitals. As you work together you will get closer to each other enhancing both your love life as well as your relationship as a whole.

This is the sacred knowledge. Experiment with it and you will find not only the key to pleasure but the doorway to spiritual growth. In time and with practice you will be able to enter states of higher consciousness even without sex as the energy of life itself has more than enough power to throw you into heaven.