Welcome to UniteAwake Online Platform

Here you find information about our decentralized direct democracy platform that we are developing. You can take a preview of our platform and help with the project. To start exploring the dynamic fractal organisation platform, please go to the circles and follow the instructions. You can ask questions and report problems under chat.

Start Exploring

How does it work?

The system is created to help to unite people under a common idea. When you join a circle you will start the discussion in a group of 3-6 people. Only the best ideas will be promoted to the larger circle. In time a fractal network of circles will emerge that will help to organize people and ideas. You can learn more about the system by looking at the Dynamic Fractal Organisation Introduction.

Who is behind UA Online?

My name is Mikael Cromsjö and am the founder of UniteAwake.com, Shambala Center and of the Dynamic Fractal platform. My work is to liberaty all beings and help to create a enlightened society. You can find my main site under UniteAwake.com and connect with me there.

We need support to continue the work

This project has big potential, but it needs a lot of work to be ready for real action. If you find it interesting, please help with a contribution. Connect to me or make a donation directly.

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