How to get to Aljezur from Faro and Lisabon

Travel from Lissabon to Aljezur and back

There is a bus going straight from Lisabon to Aljezur. It takes about 3 and a half hours.

By buss

Rede Expressos

3:35 – 4:05


Every day

By buss from Lisabon to Aljezur
(Checked 18/05/05)

07H30 – 11H20
16H00 – 19H25
17H30 – 21H20

By buss from Aljezur to Lisabon

09H05 – 12H50
09H35 – 13H15
15H55 – 20H35
16H30 – 20H35 (Not every day)

Travel from Faro to Aljezur and back

To get from Faro to Aljezur you need to first get to Lagos with buss or train and then take another bus from Lagos to Aljezur, or take a cab. Its about 35 km from Lagos to Aljezur.

By Train

Comboios de Portugal



Every day

By Train from Faro to Lagos

07h00 08h56 (€12,85)
07h11 08h56
08h24 10h36 (€10,95)
09h02 10h36
10h23 12h08
12h22 14h08
15h05 18h03 (€12,85)
16h19 18h03
17h15 19h07
19h38 21h28
20h18 22h01

By train from Lagos to Faro

06h16 – 07h59
06h59 08h37
07h48 09h34
11h14 12h54
13h10 14h59
14h18 15h59
17h05 18h49
20h01 21h45

By buss

EVA Transportes



Every day except weekends and holidays

By buss from Lagos to Aljezur

08:45 – 09:35
12:35 – 13:25
13:45 – 14:35  (Also on Saturdays)
16:40 – 17:30
18:20 – 19:10 (On school days)
19:15 – 20:05

By buss from Aljezur to Lagos

06:58 – 07:48 (Also on Saturdays)
08:17 – 09:07
10:37 – 11:27
13:31 – 14:21
16:24 – 17:14
18:24 – 19:14

Rede Expressos



All days

By buss from Aljezur to Lagos

12H05 – 12H40
19H35 – 20H10
21H20 – 21H55

By buss from Lagos to Aljezur

12H05 – 12H40
19H35 – 20H10
21H20 – 21H55

To go to Shambala Center from Aljezur


To get to the Shambala Center you can take your car there or walk from Aljezur. It is about 7 kilometers. See map.

From Aljezur go towards Marmelette in the roundabout. After the first hill and right before the bridge over the river, take a left (There are green trash cans there and post boxes). Follow the main road following the river for 5 km. Shambala is after Cerca dos Pomares. When you see a sign with the text SHAMBALA you are in the right place. If you se a sign with the text Varzea Gancala you are going to far. Follow the river and do not try to cross the mountains.