Shambala Project Summary



The Shambala vision is to liberate all beings from suffering and to create balance on the planet. This will be accomplished by sharing knowledge and techniques that promote inner and outer peace and to form a network of peaceful warriors and training centers trough out the world.

Shambala Retreat Center

Base Camp

In the base camp we host volunteers and guests coming for retreats and courses. Here you can find a welcome center with a tipi, simple camping condition, outside kitchen, compost toilets and showers.


On the first terrace are the living area for people who are staying long term to do training and/or teaching at the center. Here you find an outside kitchen, toilets and space for camping. Here is also a 30 m2 ruin in need of renovation. This will be used as a communal building and/or guest house. Planed completion is 2019 and estimated cost from 5.000 euros.


Above the terrace there are three ruins of 60 m2, 15 m2 and 10 m2 that are in need of total rebuilding. The two small houses will be available as living quarters for teachers and guests. The 60 m2 ruin will be made into a small temple with space for 12 people to do meditation retreats and use it as sleeping quarters. Here there will also be a small kitchen and bistro. This area will be used for full time training, retreats and courses. Planed completion of first phase is 2020 and estimated cost from 20.000 euros.

Solitary Retreat

On the upper part of the land we will construct small huts for solitary retreats. Guests can stay there for longer or shorter time and will be provided with food. This will be an ongoing project where we build new huts as more people want to stay.

Shambala Farm


The land will be managed using regenerating technology. A forest garden will be planted on the hills and on the field, dams and swales will be created to store and harvest water.

Eco Logic Research

We aim to find and experiment with high-lo-tech solutions that are cost efficient, practical and reproducible. Fields of research are movable houses, eco-phonics, bio-char, probiotics and monoatomic minerals.

Peaceful Media Studio

We are developing several online projects to support the aims of the overall vision. TeaGo, a dynamic fractal organization tool to help large groups to organize efficient. The tool will also be used to organize the Shambala Council. Online Courses and e-books beginning with a course in Peaceful Communication and Coaching.


The Shambala Trust

All land and resources are owned by the Shambala Trust. The trustee is founder Mikael Ananda Cromsjö. The trustee has the legal responsibility for the overall project and acts on behalf of the Council. The benefactors of the trust are all living beings of the planet, the residents of the Shambala community and its supporters. Any profit from the project and sale of property are used to further the goal of the project.

The Council

The Shambala Trust is managed by the Council. The council is made up of residents, trainees, voluntaries and supporters. The council uses a dynamic fractal organization to manage projects. The recommendations of the council once approved by the trustee are directing the development of the project.