The Swedish Truth Movement is one of the biggest Swedish alternative news sites. In this article we will look at how the page started and what led the founder Mikael Cromsjö to build and the Swedish truth movement.

Very early, Mikael Cromsjö discovered that things did not really add up in the world we live in. Amazed at how much ignorance there were around, both in adults and in teachers and politicians, he looked at the world from a different perspective. Mikael Cromsjö talks about several clear memories from school where he questioned the truthfulness of what was taught, reflecting on the aims of the skewed and simplified worldview.

As one of the first in the computer generation, Mikael Cromsjö and his friends developed their knowledge and creativity on their own in front of the computers. One of the greatest lessons he received from this time was the belief in his own ability as well as the understanding of the computer’s clear logic.

Once in university, Mikael Cromsjö noticed that the school still did not offer him what he wanted, but even more clearly, his experience was that so many other students lacked the ability to think critically and independently, and instead was overwhelmed by uncertainty, fear and a sense of insufficiency.

The search to understand the world led Mikael Cromsjö to Zen-Buddhism. Zen is a teaching that focuses on gaining a direct understanding through meditation as opposed to filling the mind with the truths, ideas and doctrines of others. It resonated with Cromsjö’s way of seeing the world and gave him a deeper understanding of his own world.

During university, Mikael Cromsjö worked extra as a consultant and continued successfully on that track, but it was not what he wanted to do with his life. Cromsjö’s longing for waking up the world from its deep sleep grew stronger and stronger.

One night, 2004, when Cromsjö was sitting with some friends to see a documentary film about false flag operations and the war on terror that they found online, something drastically changed. After two hours of new heavy information, everyone was amazed. The film explained much of the things Mikael Cromsjö had long been thinking about; how the whole world managed to end up in this deep trans and what purpose it served.

A week later, filled with hard work, Mikael Cromsjö opened for the first time. There, he created a place for truth seekers to meet, study and gather information about the world’s nature in a climate of acceptance and openness.

In the following years, Mikael Cromsjö dedicated his time to increase his understanding and knowledge of the outside world, which came to deepen in all possible directions. The amount of information that is hidden behind society’s veil is, according to Cromsjö, next to unimaginable.

Since the time Mikael Cromsjö started, the hidden knowledge has come further and further into different parts of our consciousness. Now Cromsjö works to find and offer solutions to our problems through peaceful communication, meditation and other freedoms projects. Cromsjö is currently active with the project Shambala Farm in southern Portugal.

You can find many interviews, videos and debates featuring Mikael Cromsjö and Visit for more information in Swedish.