Shambala Training Program


Shambala Community
We are forming a comminity in Shambala with people staying on the land, sharing practices and hosting workshops. It is possible to come to visit the project and connect with the people. For shorter stays we recommend you to offer a money gift in addition to your help on the land. 

Mikael Ananda
Due to world events the ongoing training in Shambala has stoped and Mikael Ananda is staying in Sweden to take care of his family and work more closely with forming the World Freedom Allience and forming a network of Fractal Assemblies. Nuria is the head of Shambala in Mikaels absent.



(Closed for winter break)

We have ongoing training for most of the year. You can come and spend some weeks in beautiful lush nature and join training together with other people and do private retreats. The recommended price is 10 € per day or 200 € per month. This includes food and camping. More information below.

Open Sundays in Shambala

On Sundays, we will have an open day in Shambala. We start at 14.00 with qigong and meditation. After we have a talk with questions and answers about the way of the warrior.

September – Shambala New Earth Healing Gathering, 14 days

The focus is on meditation, chi-gong, and lightwork. We will create a space for deep healing using many tools. The event will be self-organized, working with the fractal organization method. Mikael Ananda will teach the path of the Shambala Warrior. Everyone is welcome to share their special skill and knowledge with the circle. The recommended price is 10 € per day for food, training, and camping. You can come for any amount of days.

We will have morning meditation and chi gong. Joined work with food and preparations. Lectures, meditation, and workshops in the afternoon.

The Shambala program contains a holistic way to heal yourself and your surrounding. The program is divided into four main categories with a different focus.

How to live a simple lifestyle with minimal footprint and maximal free time and abundance. How to eat healthy food with fermentation, soaking, sprouting, etc. How to save money. How to establish healthy habits and work with your bad habits. How to have a positive mindset and a healthy and strong body.

Intuitive healing, shamanic drumming. Connecting with elements and spirits. Collecting and moving energy. Tantric and Zen meditation. Breathwork and shaking.

How to find the spiritual warrior within. Develop trust, stability, bravery, grace and honor in your daily life. To teach and train people. Supporting and coaching others. Understanding the world situation and building strategies.

Community Building
Organizing larger groups. Creating support circles. Permaculture design principles. Conflict transformation. Positive communication and coaching. Leadership training.

Daily Schedule:
Five days a week we follow a simple training schedule

07.00 Wake up
07.30 Meditation, Chi-Gong
10.00 Breakfast
10.30 Work
14.00 Lunch
15.00 Training, Talks, Discussions
19.00 Evening snack