The Shambala Vision

We see a new society coming into place. Where we live in harmony, peace, independence and abundance. Where life and nature are respected and cared for. Where we, the people, are the source of power and where we can connect with each other in an organic way to create holistic solutions for agriculture, power-production, and education. Where we can support each other to embody values of love, empathy, courage, and strength in our daily lives.

We will create and support an organic growing new movement that will empower people to be co-creators and support positive social change. A movement that is built upon trust and where people who live by their values will be able to inspire and help others. A movement that is connected to our natural way of being in harmony with our surroundings. 

You can invoke the power of the Hero. Where courage, strength, kindness and love radiates from your being. Where you find meaning and purpose in your life. Where you can be part of the magic that is happening now.

The Shambala Vision offers a practical solution to make this dream come true. It is a seed, now it is planted and together we can water it. With time we will see it grow and give both flowers and fruits. 


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The Shambala Vision

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