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Hi, I am Mikael Ananda,

To have a coach or spiritual friend is a great help to keep you focused on your practice and you will be able to develop much easier. It is an investment in yourself that will pay off fast. The training includes many tools that will help you to develop your own spiritual path as well as being able to coach and teach others the same tools. In this way, you will be self-sufficient on your path.


I offer individual as well as group coaching for Spiritual Warriors. In group coaching, you will learn the vital tools to be able to coach each other. In this way, you will be able to create a great base for your personal growth as well as to learn how to become a teacher and share the way of the Shambala Warrior.

Personal Coaching

I offer coaching over the Internet and answer questions over email. The coaching method is based on deep listening in awareness and offers you support to explore yourself and find life-changing answers.

Each session includes 50 minutes of voice coaching, access to study material and followup questions and answers for one week. The price is depending on your income with 60-150 € per session as a recommendation.

Shambala Mentoring

Personal mentoring include different aspects of the Shambala Vision. Health and lifestyle, community building, spiritual coaching, leadership and other topics you want to explore.

The Shambala mentoring program is especially directed to people who want to take an active part in sharing the Shambala Vision and to become a qualified teacher.

If you are interested in Coaching and Mentoring please connect with Mikael Ananda directly on, or connect on fb: Mikael Ananda Cromsjö.


About Mikael Ananda

Mikael Ananda was born in 1978 in Sweden. He started meditation and spiritual practices from childhood. He has been practising Zen Buddhist meditation under his master Sante Roshi. He has also been studying non-violent communication and zen-coaching with Kåre Landfald and other teachers. In Sweden, Mikael founded the Exoteric Foundation and that is organizing activism and alternative media coverage. Mikael has experiences in Shamanic ceremonies, martial arts, tantra, healing and many other practices that he facilitates in the Shambala Training Center.

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