Shambala Vision Training Program


We have an ongoing training in Shambala Training Camp during most of the summer. There is no exact scheduled and it varies depending on amount of people and other activities and courses. You can come and spend some weeks in beautiful lush nature and join training together with other people and do private retreats. 


The Shambala program contains a holistic way to heal yourself and your surrounding. The program is divided into four main categories with different focus.

How to live a simple lifestyle with minimal footprint and maximal free time and abundance. How eat healthy food with fermentation, soaking, sprouting etc. How to save money. How to establish healthy habits and work with addictions. How to have a positive mindset and relaxed and strong body.

Finding the spiritual warrior within. Developing bravery, grace and honor in you daily life. Organizing activism. Cooperating with other political groups. Understanding how to deal with infiltration and propaganda.

Community Building
Organizing larger groups. Creating support circles. Permaculture design principles. Conflict transformation. Positive communication and Coaching.

Intuitive healing, shamanic drumming and to connect with the elements and spirits. Collecting and moving energy. Tantric and Zen meditation. Breath work and shaking to release trauma.

Daily Schedule:
Five days a week we follow a simple training schedule (changes over the year)

07.00 Wake up
07.30 Meditation, Chi-Gong
10.00 Breakfast
10.30 Work
14.00 Lunch (all food is vegan)
15.00 Meditation, training, talks
19.00 Dinner