The White Lotus Revolution

According to the Lotus Sutra, Buddha explains that the only path, is the path of the bodhisattva. Also called the Rainbow Warrior.

This notion gained popular attention in China and was the foundation of the White Lotus School. They started the rebellions against the empire, that was fueled by the idea that Matreia, the coming Buddha, would reincarnate on earth when the signs where right, in the hour of darkness on earth.

At that time the people that where ready and had shown sighs of great courage, would be able to enter the Pure Land after death. As Maytreia becomes king over the lost city of Shambala you will become invincible. Walking the path of the Shambala Warrior will grant you great merit.

The signs are unfolding quickly. It has been predicted that the day is coming soon. It is the time to act. To stand on the sidelines will grant you, no merit. There is nothing to lose, and nothing to gain. The flowers bloom then the time is right.

I will describe the basic principles that can be applied to social activism to be able to form effective organizations, make fast decisions and engage in peaceful activism. It considers how to counteract infiltration and corruption. To keep the power of the movement with the people. And ultimately how to secure a peaceful revolution and to create a new peaceful society.

The multiple front warfare

To be able to create successful large scale activism there is a need to understand the enemy.

The first front is the privileged elite that are protecting its riches and its crimes. Most of the worlds resources are already in the control of a small elite. They are protecting themselves by manipulating the whole of society and funding their actions by controlling key aspects of world economy. This is mainly done through the creation of new assets (credits) and its selective distribution into society.

Then we are facing a second and even more enemy hiding within our own lines. It is a front of infiltrators that are acting on all levels within the opposition to be able to manipulate opinion and disrupt peaceful protests. This creates a challenge where the line in-between enemy and allay is obscured more than ever and we need new measures to act with direction and efficiency.

Larger organizations of controlled opposition includes: The top segment of many established political parties including green parties and other alternative parties. The top segment of many large non governmental organizations including environmental and aid organizations. The influential section of many so called grass roots activism organizations including left and right wing activism groups. Many alternative media outlets and more.

At large these organization carry out great work to inform the public and implement solutions concerning social injustice, environmental problems and other important issues. Most people within these organizations are acting out of good will and are doing an important work. But with the top segment of these organizations compromised, from the creation of the organization or along the way of growth, these organization can: Take the edge of the impact of political action, influence opinion to focus on less important problems, focus on less effective solutions, create conflicts among different political viewpoints and steal funding from its members.

The controlled opposition are also heavily active on the street level. They are many times hiding inside ‘so called’ extremist organizations, both left and right wing and constitutes infiltrators from the police forces and civilians. These ‘agent provocateurs’ join the activism but with the real goal to disturb the peace by, encouraging the destruction of property, spreading extreme views, confronting other political factions and attacking the police. They also create further disruptions within their political organizations by encouraging conflicts, power games and spying on activists.

Effective Organization

We need a large support from the people to be able to create change. To stand strong and united we need to find ways to cooperate in-between the majority of organizations and political views with the aim to find common goals and actions plans. As many activist organizations are compromised is some ways we also need to act with great care not to further conflicts by accusing and blaming each other, and at the same time lessen the influence of infiltrators on all levels.

The democratic process that is used today is long outdated and is easy to corrupt and control. It does not serve the people and needs to be replaced with a better way to make decisions on an organization level as well as on a nation level.

To secure that organizations remains true to their members and can act efficient there is a need for a structure that allows us to share ideas and making fast dissensions as needed without the use of a permanent leading group or a smaller active circle of influential people that can be compromised. We need a simple decision making process where all members will have the time and space to get their voice heard. We need a clear way of delegating responsibilities, track progress and work in teams, and a way to create dynamic and time limited leadership roles that are difficult to corrupt and infiltrate.

Fractal Organization

Research show that five to seven people are the optimal group size to carry out actions and make decisions in a fast and efficient way. Smaller groups have the problem of not having enough combined knowledge to make the correct decisions. Larger groups have the problem of creating a internal hierarchy that induce conflicts and makes it time consuming and difficult to come to a decisions. By using a group size of about six people each and connect them together in a fractal pattern we can create an optimal way of cooperating in any size organization. We call this a fractal organization and can be created following these principles.

1) A group is made up from three to six people. We call this a circle. If there are more than six people, the circle is split into two new circles. A circle can be created for temporary use or for usage over a longer fixed time period.

2) For every action decided upon in the circle, each circle chooses one of its member with the responsibility to oversee its progress and to report back to the circle. We call this a trustee. Each action has a limited time and scope.

3) To cooperate in between several circles each circle chooses a trustee from one of its member to be a representative for the circle. Up to six representatives from other circles can then form a new inner circle. This can continue until all circles are connected into one fractal hierarchy.

4) Actions that are decided upon in a inner circle of representatives can be divided and delegated to each of the circles that it represent. The trustee of each circle will again have the responsibility to oversee the action and report progress.

5) A decision in a circle can be made using majority rule or consensus.

The use of this type of organization limits infiltrators power to influence decisions. The fractal pattern will dynamically change the trustees for each decision. This secure people from staying in top positions. The small size of the circle makes it easier to get to know each member and will secure that the possible infiltrators will not be chosen as trustees.

Peaceful Resistance

To create a new society where freedom, justice and peace are the predominant and lasting principles we need to adopt a peaceful way of conducting the revolution. We can clearly see that the vast majority of physical power are in the hands of the police and military wish are controlled by the enemy. To employ a strategy of direct confrontation is born to fail and will only further the power of our enemy. Even if a revolution might be possible through the use of violence, the new ruling segment will easily be corrupted and taken under control by the enemy using the same violent means.

To create a peaceful revolution as well as a peaceful outcome there need to be clear rules of engagement. A common ethos and protocol to be followed when co-operating in-between organizations and when engaging in street activism. This will be applied to secure that there is minimal amount of conflict in-between activist and activist organizations and to expose and remove violent segments of street activism.

Peace Codes

To make ourselves visible and to gather for demonstrations, manifestations, protests and other activities is of great importance. It is important to show support for peaceful political change as well as to uphold a peaceful activist environment. The peace codes are a set of principles that can be applied to secure a peaceful event.

1) Remain peaceful and respectful at all times both with words, slogans and actions. This applies to police, follow activists and other opposing political groups.

2) Gather people together that honors the peace codes to distinct yourself from violent groups and to create a safe space for fellow activists. The white color is a universally recognized sign of peace and can be used on flags and cloths.

3) Remove individuals that are breaking the peace codes from your circles. Assist police to uphold peace and order.

4) Defend yourself and other people from attacks from a police officer or violent individual only if. 1) You are personally a whiteness to an attack. 2) The attack is happening at that time. 3) The victim of the attack is acting peacefully. 5) You are inflicting minimal amount of harm.

The Peace Revolution

I hope that by spreading the usage of fractal organization and peace codes into different political groups we have a good change to create a peaceful revolution.

Following peace codes we will be able to establish a positive moment. This will secure a strong support from the people. Using the fractal organization principles we can create rapid organizations as we meet on the street. We can organize ourselves and cooperate with other organizations crossing the political spectrum. This will lead to a internal sanitation of corruption within each organization and create a push towards all organizations to join the peace revolution.

Using these methods we can find common answers to the important questions. What do we want? What is standing in our way? And what are we going to do about it? So what do we need to do? In my opinion first we need to reform the bank system to fund a world basic income and environmental work. If we stand united in peace we can and will create a new society that serves humanity.

Mikael Ananda Cromsjö