The United Awakening Peace Center

We are looking for a beautiful and peaceful place where we can settle down. There we will work towards living more self sustainable and in close relationship with nature. We will plant many trees and create a food forest around ourselves. On this land we will found a center for peace where people from all over the world can come to share their wisdom. We will meet in gatherings, retreats and workshops and support each other in positive action.

We also want to find passionate and beautiful people to work alongside us. Together we can embark on new adventures that will benefit the world and create living examples of holistic solutions that inspire others.

The information and knowledge that we gather will be available through our Online Learning Center that will be open freely to everyone with videos, articles and networking tools.

To make it possible for us to create a space where we can invite others we need a great support. We have started a crowd sourcing campaign to raise the funds needed to buy a large piece of land and make the necessary infrastructure to host large gatherings and have a team of people working for peace.

If you have the possibility to help us please contact us or make a donation .

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