Positive Codes

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With a positive code of conduct we can promote sovereignty, unity and positivity as well as get support to live a good life with presence and more free time.

To have a common code of conduct will create a great support for us all to bring out our best qualities as well as protect our movement from psychological attacks. To follow a code makes it easier to stay firmly on our path and to do it together with friends will create a tight bond that will strengthen us all. Every time we bring the codes to mind they will become more integrated in us until they become second nature.

The code of Sovereignty

You are sovereign, your highest authority and the leader of your own life. You are important and your life is precious. No one else can tell you what is right or wrong. No one else can decide what you should do. You must take full responsibility for every aspect of your life in order to be free. It doesn't matter matter what anyone else says, you know this to be true, and you will act accordingly. Acknowledging you sovereignty gives strength, self respect and confidence. Faced with difficult situations, harsh words and temptations you can stand your ground and remain calm. From this powerful state you can take your time to gain clarity and then decide how you want to respond.

We need to stand up against negative behaviors in our society as well as in ourselves. Many people tend to look at their own negative behaviors as part of their identity and they try to protect them, but when we understand that many of these traits come from social conditioning with the intention to manipulate us we can and will break them. We will make sovereignty a golden rule by standing up for what we believe in and expressing our freedom.

The code of Unity

To achieve peace we need to put our differences aside and unite in a common cause. We must act with honor by treating each other with kindness and acceptance even when we do not share the same world view. To create peace in the world we must start by creating peace within our groups.

The key to solving a conflict is to stop focusing on getting your point of view through and instead open up to understand the other one's perspective. To do so you must be able to notice your own reaction patterns and calm down. Then you can start listening and asking questions to get a clear understanding. Listen with interest and you will find the positive intention behind the words and actions. All humans make mistakes and we all have aspects of our personality that need improvement. What we need to do is accept each other in our imperfection and support each other to develop our best qualities. When someone feels understood and accepted it creates a relaxed state from where it is possible to see a common solution.

Conflict is one of the main tools to drain our energy and keep us divided. This is why we must dedicate our selves to create peace within our movement. We will avoid conflicts at all costs by treating everyone with respect. We will include everyone and stand against no one. Together we will make peaceful conduct a golden rule and this will pave the road for cooperation and success.

The code of Positivity

We strive to have a positive mindset as a way of life. When you look at things in a positive way it instantly makes you feel better and gives you the courage to believe in yourself and follow your own path. Positivity creates good vibrations that radiates out to everyone around us, and it helps us create good outcomes and achieve our goals. Happiness is what we all want , and a positive attitude is the way to get there.

To look at the problems is important, but we must make sure not to get caught in negativity and fear. Notice when you have negative thoughts and then let go of them by focusing on finding a positive approach towards the situation. When you interact with others, talk about your own feelings and needs without using any judgments, without blaming anyone and without using harsh words. Instead of saying what you don't like, say what you do like. Instead of saying what you don't have, say what you want. Instead of focusing on the problems, focus on the solutions. Together we will make positivity a golden rule so that we can make the best of each moment as we work towards peace.

Life Recommendations

Focus on the Now

There is a natural way of being where we are relaxed and focused at the same time, where we can truly enjoy our life and feel happy. In this state there are no thoughts and instead our focus is directed towards our experience of the present moment. To be present is an optimal state of mind to increase learning, perform at our maximum ability, speed up our reactions and to experience profound joy.

To induce this state you can do a simple practice. Relax you body and focus on anything that you experience at that moment, it can be the feeling of your breath or a sound in the distance. Then keep taking your attention back to the same focal point over and over again. If you continue doing this your thoughts will begin to subside and instead you other senses will start to become more activated. After a long time the experience can become very profound and will eventually lead to a deep sensation of inner peace.

When you empty your mind from the flow of thoughts you makes space for clarity and new understanding to come. This exercise is a powerful tool for getting creative ideas, good solutions, and new insights. Our intelligence spans far beyond our thinking mind, and when we quiet our thoughts we have the possibility to access this vast human potential. You can do this practice throughout the day whenever you have the possibility. Spend regular time in solitude where you can focus all your attention inwards and experience how it feels to be alive. The experience of just being is without limit and is always available to us.

Invest in Free Time

When we think through how we consume we can change our life situation for the better with little effort. Everything that you consume, food, things and entertainment has a direct effect on you, our society and the planet. We are taught that we can buy our selves satisfaction and that to be able buy anything we want is a sign of freedom. But people who can not restrain their impulses, buy more than they need and do not think through their investments will have to work long hours to pay for their consuming habits and so end up with less freedom. Most people spend a big part of their lives working full time and longing for time off and vacations, and yet they could have much more free time if they consumed less. The ultimate freedom is not to be able to consume without limit, but to be able to live your life the way you choose to and follow your dreams. The common desire for riches and luxury is something we have learned through social conditioning with the intention to make us eager consumers. Deep down we all know that life has a much greater purpose and this is what we need to look for.

If you buy only what you need, and make an effort to spend your money wisely you can have good health, free time and you will minimize your support this destructive system. To keep a simple and healthy lifestyle can be a great satisfaction in it self and gives us the prefect opportunity to lay off negative habits. We encourage buying things in second hand stores, eating healthy homemade foods and instead of spending time in cafes, restaurants and bars you can meet your friends at home, in parks and in nature. We only need small amounts of money for basic necessities and comforts, and as we become less dependent on money and things, we become more free.

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